#RHOBH Recap: Kim Hears The Rumors & Lisa Rinna Confronts Eden Over ‘Near Death’ Accusations!

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills begins with a peek at the new home Lisa and Ken have secured for their son, Max. Lisa and Ken are gifting their son with a handsome new place, and Lisa can’t wait to make it beautiful. We hear a quick update on Max’s birth parent investigation, as Lisa shares her desire to combine his pursuit of his roots with honoring his adoption.

We check in with Kyle and Kim, who excitedly chatter about the countdown to Kim’s first grandbaby. Kim looks fantastic, and is over the moon at her future as an official granny. Bravo kicks off the classic ricochet between dueling gossip sessions, as Rinna joins Eden in a park to discuss their big fat mouths. Eden kicks off the awkward meeting with an equally awkward hug. Rinna demands to know why Eden blabbed to the queen, admitting that she made a mistake trusting her crazy ass with any info. The exchange escalates, as Eden loudly assures Rinna that she did indeed shove Kim onto death’s door. Rinna can’t remember the stupid blurt — and across town, Kim is in disbelief at the latest verbal vomit.

Kyle thinks that Eden might be struggling herself — and is deflecting by acting like a strung out attention whore. Rinna wants to know why Eden spilled to Lisa — the one person who finds delight in her torture. Kyle continues to spill the tea to Kim, and Kim points out that Rinna just can’t resist trashy gossip. Rinna warns Eden to shut her big yapper, and expresses hurt that their blissful sisterhood has morphed into a nightmare. Rinna shares that she’s disappointed, secretly realizing that she made a whopper of a mistake trusting Eden. Kyle and Kim agree that Rinna and Eden love to “set fires” and run for cover. 

We learn that Rinna is poised to accept an award from Project Angel Food — an organization that feeds the sick and the housebound. Rinna is thrilled that someone on earth appreciates her, and Eden is declared forgiven, because she coughed up some cash to support the cause. The ladies gather, and all suit up to prep the meals. Erika gives herself a panicked pep talk to carry her through having to touch a can opener. Kyle and Dorit get dirty with a pile of zucchinis, having a good time until the supervisor punishes Kyle by making her scoop fish. Kyle and Dorit wonder how Eden and Rinna can even share a kitchen, as Eden glares in their direction, her sharply carved features accentuated by her hairnet. Erika is challenged by the kitchen labor — a hardened gold digger navigating a strange culinary world. Lisa believes that a wounded loony bird exists inside Eden’s desperate presence, but Erika doesn’t like that she butted her tattoos into Kyle and Kim’s biz. Kyle shifts over to help Eden, who is thrilled for her new scooping buddy — ignoring the icy vibe. Kyle shares that the gossip has been upsetting, and Eden is thrilled for an upcoming opportunity to ramble another monologue of her super-human truth. Rinna is all for it — and the ladies high-five to another shot at a high drama showdown.

Lisa and Ken are shopping for furniture for Max’s pad, and Lisa lovingly picks out a few pieces, excited to decorate. We get a glimpse of the fabulous home she gifted to Pandora and Jason — an amazing gift from a set of generous and loaded parents. Lisa is excited, and knows that her second mother of the year award is just around the corner. We skip over to Dorit, who is playing on the floor with her kiddos. The children are darling, and the scene is precious. Jagger is a pro big bro, and Phoenix is on the brink of crawling. Eden arrives for a visit — instantly shattering the innocent picture. Sweet Jagger converses with Eden with hand movements, and Dorit can’t wait until his signs turn into words. Dorit spills that Rinna bashed Eden in Mexico, but Eden informs her that she has actually talked out the hysteria with Rinna. Eden assures Dorit that she’s  not a liar, explaining that Rinna covers her own fibs with fake amnesia. Dorit wonders if Rinna has the personality of a pill-popper, and Eden concludes that Rinna is in denial — her go-to shade. How many pill poppers does it take to fill a reality cast?

A rare scene between Erika and her grandhusband is next — and Erika just loves the intensity of their barely-there relationship. Erika reiterates that she gave her grandhubby a stellar ten years—so it’s her time for puss-pat in peace. The couple discusses Erika’s new video, and Tom agrees that “XXpensive” is a perfect word for her career.

Meanwhile, Kyle is checking in at work — reminding us once more about her childhood stardom. She goes over the wardrobe for her series, while reminding us that her decision to reenact her childhood horror initially rubbed her sisters the wrong way. Kathy and Kim have come around, and Kyle is excited to offer the “great stories” of her life for America’s viewing pleasure. We get a glimpse of the set, and hear that the crew is shooting for a vintage 70’s look.

We jump over to Rinna, who is getting ready for the Project Angel Food event. Eileen makes an appearance via a phone call, sending her regrets. She’s sick and falling apart — but fans everywhere are happy to jump off the curricular complaint hamster wheel for one night. Kyle picks up Dorit, who looks smashing, as usual. Dorit dishes the Eden dirt with Kyle, and Kyle just knows that Rinna is guilty as sin. Kyle hopes that Eden keeps her scary hugs to herself, for just one night. 

Rinna and the family drive to the event, as Delilah shares her favorite big  city Gigi moment. Gigi tossed out some advice to the rookie, and Rinna chokes up at the priceless pearl of runway wisdom gifted to her baby. The ladies arrive at the event, and Carson Kressley and Camille make cameos. Eden stands like a disturbed mannequin on the red carpet, as we learn that Lisa was unable to attend the shindig. Rinna shades Lisa for the no-show, and Kyle is just relieved that there is a large table between her and Eden’s needy arms. Meanwhile, Eden spots an easy mark at the next table, and plots to tackle the male stranger in the parking lot. Eden shares about her online “kindred spirit,” a grubby poser who is clearly desperate. Eden is over the moon that Kyle cares enough to advise against an online predator, and Kyle softens, deciding that Eden is desperate for love. Eden goes “all in,” whenever, with whomever, and however.

Harry sweetly introduces his wife, and Rinna accepts the award with a dash of humor. Rinna is thrilled that the night went well, and the drama could be squelched for a few hours to honor a good cause. Rinna and Harry seal the night with a few smooches — as the episode fades.

Next week, all the reality players hash out the drama, and Rinna and Kim face off.


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