#RHOBH Lisa Rinna Claims Her ‘Intentions’ To Help Kim Richards Turned Into ‘Vicious Gossip’

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On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna met up with Eden Sassoon to give her a spanking.

Rinna was outraged that Eden would relay to Lisa Vanderpump everything Rinna had said about Kim Richards—but claims she completely forgot.

“As far as Eden goes, I wanted to go directly to her, the source, to find out why she did what she did, let her know how it made me feel, and to tell her that I now have my guard up.”

Rinna runs her mouth and then acts surprised when it gets talked about in this small group of women. Are you kidding me? Not only was it filmed, but this is her third season on the show. That line of defense might work with a newbie, but come on!

“Many red flags have gone up in the short time I have known Eden, and I needed to be honest and upfront with her right away.”

Rinna also takes aim at Kyle Richards in her blog. Kyle was all, “stop talking about my sister” so Rinna was surprised, nay, stunned at the fact that Kyle would tell Kim that Rinna had been talking about her sobriety.

“We see Kyle and Kim meet up to go shopping shortly after getting back from Punta Mita… What I find odd is how Kyle continued this now very long game of telephone with Kim.”

Like I said, does Rinna think Kim wouldn’t find out from someone in that group?

“As I have previously mentioned in my recent blogs, my original intent of explaining the dynamics of the Richards sisters to Eden, who asked me how she could help out in this situation, has now been mangled into dirty, vicious gossip.”

Let me get this straight. Rinna has no recollection of saying Kim was “mostly sober” and “close to death” but she remembers her intent behind the conversation? The conversation she had to watch on TV, because she didn’t remember having it in the first place? Yeah, okay.

“Admittedly, Kyle’s biggest concern was how this information could hurt somebody as fragile as Kim. So, before having a true understanding of the situation, Kyle went and told Kim what she had been told and this game of telephone continues…”

Now we’re back to blaming Kyle. And so it goes, on and on. Everyone is to blame except for Rinna herself. This woman is backpedaling so fast, she could teach a spin class.

On a brighter note, Rinna was awarded for supporting Angel Food Project, which provides meals to homebound people in the LA area. We saw all the ladies—except for the ill Eileen—show up to help make trays of food that would be delivered.

But apparently that wasn’t enough for Rinna. She was most put out that LVP didn’t show up for her big night, and claimed Lisa didn’t want to come because the evening wasn’t focused on Vanderpump.

“But most importantly, I would like to show my sincere gratitude to my dear friends who came out to support me at this event…”

I guess LVP doesn’t get a friendship bracelet. Will she be able to sleep at night, do you think?

So, are you buying Rinna’s story about forgetting? And what, exactly, is in that little baggie of pills?


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