#RHOBH Kyle Richards EXPOSES Eden Sassoon’s Lies — Eden Erupts On Twitter!

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Kyle Richards is sounding off about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills drama that went down in Mexico — and Eden Sassoon is not happy. 

Kyle’s Bravo blog addresses the dirt dished by Lisa Rinna and spread by Eden — giving viewers insight into how she’s breaking down the conflicting stories. Whom should Kyle trust?

Kyle explains that it was difficult to hear about all of the inappropriate whispers, but is glad that Lisa Vanderpump spilled the tea.

“I’m glad Lisa told me, because if stuff like that is going around, then I need to know so I can try to help clarify things regarding my sister.”

“You can attempt to get your truth out there, but inevitably there will still be people that will believe those lies no matter what. In Kim’s case, I was most concerned about her kids hearing about these damaging words.”

“It’s also hard when the person who said these things is someone you like.”

Kyle writes that she was glad that Rinna addressed the issue in Mexico, allowing her the chance to ask her to set the record straight. 

“I didn’t know any other way than to just come right out and ask, “Did you or did you not say these things?”

“She looked shocked, but it seemed obvious to me that she did. However, unless you hear something directly from someone’s mouth, it’s hearsay. So I wanted to give Lisa R. the benefit of the doubt, as difficult as that was. And at this point I had not seen what we all saw in the episode.”

Kyle has now seen the episode — but does not let Eden off the hook. She gives us a rundown of Eden’s greatest hits — biting comments uttered independently from the drama swirling around Rinna.

Kyle writes that she did not consider Eden a reliable source — and reminds us that their start had been a rocky one.

“To me, Eden was not necessarily a reliable source since I barely knew her, and our short history hasn’t exactly been the best. It certainly would explain Eden expressing concern about Kim.

Eden might be hoping that her nasty barbs would be forgotten in the midst of the shift to bury Rinna. Kyle says no way.

“…in this episode we also see flashbacks of Eden saying “Kim is a bitch,” “I don’t see Kim being the problem as much as Kyle,” “Kyle speaks for Kim.” She also went on to say I “have an attitude” toward her. I don’t know what she expects when she put me on the defense from the moment I met her. Asking where the drinking issues in my family came from and firing so many questions off regarding Kim’s and my relationship. Not to mention I really liked Eden the first time I met her at Game Night. Then she later went on to tell Lisa Rinna that I wasn’t welcoming to her. That couldn’t be further from the truth. So who do I trust/believe?”

Eden didn’t appreciate the scathing flashback, and slapped Kyle back on Twitter, calling her “mean.”

Kyle clapped back — but tried to keep the drama off Twitter.

Kyle admits that Rinna’s tears in Mexico probably pointed to embarrassment or guilt.

“I felt sad watching Lisa Rinna crying outside. I don’t like to see anyone upset. If it wasn’t true I can only imagine how she was feeling. But seeing what we now saw, I think maybe she was feeling embarrassed or guilty.”

Rinna is in the hot seat — but Kyle is making sure that fans don’t forget Eden’s messy tactics, as the plot thickens.

Kyle is not about to leave Eden unchecked — would you?

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