#RHOA Kenya Moore Says Porsha Williams Is A Copycat And Her Friendship With Phaedra Parks Is Done!

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta got super real Sunday night when Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams squared off in a battle of Who Is the Bigger Lesbian.

Kenya Moore hopped on Twitter and defended her girl, Kandi. And not only that, Kenya was irritated that Porsha was copying her look.

A fan posted this picture of Porsha and Kenya, side by side.


Kenya also tweeted a simple hashtag: #copycat

Kenya cosigned the opinion that Porsha was in a showmance with supposed boyfriend, Todd.

Porsha has been talking about babies and getting married, but Kenya retweeted this, giving her opinion that Porsha’s relationship is as fake as her boobies.

And when Porsha accused Kandi of having a sex dungeon, sleeping with one woman for seven years, and screwing her way through the R&B circuit, Kenya thought Porsha was a lying liar. She’s Team Kandi all the way.

In one scene during the episode, Phaedra Parks visited Porsha and discussed her divorce. Talk immediately turned to sex, as it always does with those two. The rest of the ladies call them Frick and Frack, but Kenya dubbed them “Wick and Wack.”

Though Kenya and Phaedra seem to have let go of the past this season and have become friendly, Kenya warns us that all that comradery was short lived. She told viewers to keep watching.

When she was on Watch What Happens Live a few weeks ago, Kenya stated that Kandi had a reputation for telling the truth.

“One thing I do know about Kandi is that she always tells the truth…but we’ve all caught Phaedra in several lies.”

So, do you believe all the dirt Porsha was throwing in Kandi’s direction? And just for the record, who wore it better, Kenya or Porsha?


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