Fake Friends! Kandi Burruss Says Phaedra Parks & Porsha Williams Are NOT Friends Away From #RHOA Cameras!

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Real or made for TV?

Kandi Burruss burned off the fake friendship haze during her Sunday night appearance on Watch What Happens Live. The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast alliances are always shifting — but Kandi set the record straight, giving viewers the real picture.    

Andy addressed comments made by NeNe Leakes in the Bravo clubhouse several weeks ago — sharing his surprise that NeNe had cosigned Kandi’s claim that some relationships were not the real deal. Viewers will remember NeNe becoming friendly with Phaedra, while sharing a rocky history with Kandi. NeNe shared that she understood Kandi’s upset.

“I think Kandi had been holding back so long and keeping secrets. For me, I know them in a different way… I got your back, and I’m loyal to you until you’re not loyal to me,” NeNe explained during her clubhouse appearance. “You’re not going to just keep shooting at me and not think I’m never going to shoot at you. So, I’m okay if Kandi wants to blow her head off every now and then.”

Viewers know that Phaedra distanced herself from Kandi during her breakup from Apollo Nida — feeling unsupported by her longtime friend. Kandi lashed out at Phaedra, after she publicly dissed her loyalty on camera, before speaking to her first. NeNe also shaded Kandi’s loyalty, which opened the door for a smoke and mirrors alliance with Phaedra.

Kandi exposed the bestie fakery during the broadcast, revealing that NeNe and Phaedra were never friends, nor are Phaedra and Porsha Williams.

“I wasn’t surprised because they [NeNe and Phaedra] do not hang out outside of this show. Even Frick and Frack, you never see them together, unless we’re taped together or unless they’re on film for Dish Nation,” Kandi revealed. “You never see any pictures of them really hanging out as friends and that is why I really had a problem with the way, you know, things happened with Porsha, as far as I felt like she was taking sides…”

Kandi explained that an agreement with NeNe has been instrumental in maintaining their friendly relationship. She explained that the duo struck a deal at the end of Season 8, to not bad-mouth each other in public. They have both honored the agreement, resulting in casual encounters described by Kandi as “always love” and “always positive.” Kandi even invites NeNe to her events.


Kandi’s explanation aligns with what Nene revealed about her disconnect from Phaedra and Porsha.

“That’s right. Me and Kandi made a bet that we were going to try to be cooler with each other, just try to get to know each other a little bit more. We both have kept to that,” NeNe said. “She’ll text me. Phaedra hasn’t texted me. Porsha hasn’t said a word. Porsha clearly said that she didn’t know she lived in my neighborhood, but remember I did a ladies’ luncheon when I first moved into my house.”

NeNe fired her own shot at Porsha—after the radio personality accused NeNe of not returning her calls.

“That’s a lie. Let me tell you something, I’m the girl that’ll call you right back. So, this girl ain’t called me. How she going to call me when she bashing me with her radio crew all the time?” NeNe said.

Kandi spilled the real tea—but will viewers continue to buy Phaedra and Porsha’s fake sisterhood?

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