#RHOBH Erika Girardi Drops Shocking Update After Abandoning Child for Fame — 7 Fast Timeline Facts!

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Erika Girardi tossed out a surprise during a recent Watch What Happens Live appearance — the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star giving viewers a rare peek into her reality as a mother. 

“What are you talking about?” Erika said to Andy Cohen, when the host  asked how often she speaks to her son. “He lives down the…he lives with me! He lives with me…that’s my baby, are you kidding me?”

Erika’s son, Tommy Zizzo, 24, is a police officer with the L.A.P.D.

Erika, 45, laughed light-heartedly through the reveal — but fans were shocked to learn that Erika and her barely mentioned son live “down the” from each other. However, the biggest shocker about Erika’s relationship with her son was uncovered about a year ago. Erika casually implied during a March 2016 “Juicy Scoop” podcast appearance, that she chose a cocktail waitress/show biz career over motherhood. Erika revealed that as a young mother, she made the decision to leave her son back east with his father.

Check out a quick fact flashback of the spotty history between Erika and her son. 

  • Erika Chahoy moves to NYC at the age of 18 — marries Thomas Zizzo, and has a baby boy in 1992.
  • By 1995/96 the couple is divorced.
  • Erika moves to L.A. in 1995/96 — alone. “I had my son there (NYC) and then I moved here (L.A.), when he was about 3,” Erika said in the podcast interview.
  • She meets the well-known legal star, Tom Girardi, and after a year of serving him drinks, the duo becomes an item. “I told him I was single,” Erika said, “and gave him my number.”
  • Erika and Tom get married in 1999, after dating for a year. Sometime during that year, Erika moves into Tom’s home. Her son would have been around 7 years old, when his mother remarried. Tommy did not attend the ceremony.
  • In 2007 Erika launches her “Erika Jayne” career — a full 10+ years after leaving her son behind. Tommy would have been in his teen years, when Erika Jayne first took the stage.
  • Tommy Zizzo moves from Jersey City, NJ to Los Angeles in 2014.

Fans have been echoing Erika’s own words, “That’s my baby — are you kidding me?” — ever since she first spilled the truth, during her rookie season. Will anyone in the cast push to learn more about Erika’s controversial choice?

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