#RHOA Kandi Burruss Denies Sleeping With Bestie Shamea Morton & Calls Out Phaedra and Porsha On #WWHL

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kandi Burruss, along with actor and uber fan, Michael Rapaport, joined Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live.

On tonight’s RHOA episode, momager, Sheree Whitfield was less than impressed when Cynthia Bailey offered her son, Kairo, a chance to walk the runway. First, Sheree found out he wouldn’t receive payment for his strutting services, and then she tried to move the date of the fashion show. Kandi thought Sheree was a little much.

“Yeah, you don’t have that type of control when you first starting in the business.”

The first flash poll of the night asked which Atlanta Housewife would be the best momager. Kandi held her hands up in triumph, but Rapaport burst her bubble.

Sheree all day… I want that kind of persistence and toughness. She doesn’t care. She wanted to get paid…she took it to a whole new level.”

Tonight, Kandi also admitted her sexual experience with the ladies to her Kandi Factory crew. They “acted” shocked. Then Kandi went on to share how Porsha Williams danced with Kandi and her husband, Todd, at an after-hour club one night. Porsha kissed Kandi and supposedly made an offer for more. But Kandi said she stopped at the kiss.

Michael called Porsha’s desire to “eat” Kandi’s lady bits “pro talk.”

“If a guy’s saying that to a woman, he knows what he’s doing. And if a woman saying that to a woman, [s]he knows what she’s doing. That’s NBA All Star level.”

The second flash poll of the night asked which side the viewers were on, Porsha’s or Kandi’s. The fans chose Kandi with 77%.

Michael said: “During that exchange…she called somebody a “pass around”, a “freak ho”…those were takedown words, there.”

Kandi tried to put her spin on the confrontation with Porsha.

“Neither one of us were in our best light. That conversation, I’d say we shouldn’t have gone there with each other.”

Porsha also accused Todd of going to New York and using the alias “Marvin” to meet women. Kandi thought that was ridiculous.

“That totally threw me off, because…people recognize Todd before they recognize me.”

On the sneak peek for the next episode that comes out in two weeks, the ladies and their men folk go to Hawaii. Kandi’s been building up a head of steam over Porsha’s sexual allegations, and she blows like volcano, spewing anger and lava all over the island.

Michael gave his opinion of the drama in Atlanta so far this season.

On Sheree’s tacky sidewalk brunch, he said, “Hell to the no, to the no, no, no. But only Sheree could pull something like that off.”

Kenya Moore and Matt were not destined to be together. “They need group therapy, therapy separately, and I want to see it end.”

The end of Phaedra Parks’ and Kandi’s friendship. “Phaedra, you know, she started this whole thing. And Sheree should have gotten chocolates on Valentine’s Day because she took bullets and shots from the whole cavalry…because she could have thrown Phaedra under the bus.”

On Phaedra’s divorce. “That made me sad. I know Phaedra…loves her family. [Apollo’s] got a girlfriend and he’s in prison. Time to move on, Phae.”

Kandi said the rumor that she’s sleeping with Shamea Morton was a lie. And she didn’t know the source of those rumors came from Phaedra’s mouth.

“Nobody ever told during this whole taping process that Phaedra said anything about me… I guess we’ll address it at the reunion.”

Michael had a message for Porsha’s boyfriend, Todd.

“Run. Run fast. She was talking to him like she was at Mommy and Me class. And I know she likes her…turn up juice, but…she’s got twin beds in the house with no twins. That’s ‘Fatal Attraction.’”

A fan wanted to know if Kandi and Todd would invite Michael into their bedroom. She gave an emphatic, “NO!”

Michael was asked about the newest Beverly Hills Housewife, Dorit Kemsley and her wonky accent.

“I think her accent is questionable, at best. I think she’s good for the show. She drives me nuts, and her husband drives me even nuttier.”

When a caller asked Kandi if she’d slept with Shamea, Kandi again answered:

“No. No, I did not. And I just thought that was really foul for them to try and put her name into this whole drama that they’re trying to throw at me. She was highly upset. She cried about it. At first, watching the show, Phaedra said it was me and Shamea, and then Porsha added to it and said, ‘She’s close to Kandi and Todd.’ And I was like, that was super foul, even with the little experience that happened between Porsha and I, which was just a kiss…why would you throw your friend under the bus?”

Michael thought Phaedra has been the shadiest Housewife this season.

“The southern belle. She does it with a smile and a wink. All this southern belle stuff. I think she’s been Slim Shady.”

When asked about Real Housewives of New York star, Luann D’Agostino, getting married to cheater, Tom, Michael said he wasn’t surprised.

Luann wasn’t letting go. She was hanging on for dear life…”

Back to the Hills of Beverly, Michael gave his opinion of Eden Sassoon and her intentions toward helping Kyle and Kim Richards.

“I think in her head her intentions are good, but she needs to take a triple-jump step back. She needs to bounce. And I’m worried about her face. It doesn’t move.”

So, who’s side are you on? Kandi or Porsha? Were you surprised they got so vicious with each other?


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