‘Married to Medicine’ Reunion Recap: Lisa Nicole & Heavenly Battle Over Cheating & Alcoholic Claims! #Married2Med

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The Married to Medicine reunion season 4 kicked off Friday night (Feb 17) — and the tension was real, as the cast sat down to hash out Season 4. The studio was  dripping in sequins, glitter and shade — even before the ladies took their places on the reunion sofas.

Oh Baby — No Baby!

Lisa Nicole’s quest for a baby bump is rewound, as well as her questionable motives for taking a significant medical risk. Lisa is not pregnant, but still yearns for another baby, in spite of a recent blood clot scare. Dr. Heavenly lays into Lisa hard, shading her as an ignored, love-starved wife. Lisa admits that she loves being pregnant because it turns on her hubby, but Heavenly continues to pound Lisa into a puddle of sparkle-dust. Heavenly blasts Darren for being absent and lying to his wife, pointing to “the hoes knowing his name at the strip clubs.” Heavenly chatters at high speed, until Bravo blesses us all with a commercial break. Lisa later assures viewers that her self-esteem is intact — and that no man will ever define it. Heavenly disagrees, noting that “Daddy” is a pro at making her feel loved and fabulous. Toya thinks that Lisa should be a granny not a mama, and believes that her whole baby dream is sad and fake.

Shattered Friendships — Shady Truths

Dr. Jackie comments that Lisa and Heavenly used to be fast friends — and   Heavenly explains that distrust killed the bestie love. Lisa becomes emotional, but Heavenly is all about honesty, even if she is asked to put a cork in her  honesty a hundred times. Simone and Toya join the chorus, reminding Lisa that analyzing scandalous rumors is just what friends do. Toya informs Lisa that she should be completely miserable in her marriage, but Lisa reminds her once again, that her misery is her own biz. Lisa disses Toya as a “frenemy,” but that still doesn’t shut her up. Mariah believes that anyone in the room wearing sequins should lay off Lisa’s marriage. A heated argument about who is the nastiest pit bull on the cast ensues, and Andy points out that Toya has a pretty mean snarl. Lisa feels as though she was attacked by judgmental and hypocritical women — all waving shady  “honest opinion” flags. Andy steps in when Darren is slammed for dodging events, pointing out that the man probably didn’t want to hang out with a bunch of high-volume hens, pecking him into a bloody pulp. 

Gay or Nay?

The gay rumor swirling around Dr. Darren continues to be addressed — and we learn that the real answer lies in an alleged geographically pinpointed mole. Lisa denies it exists — but has probably already checked to make sure. Fans know that an alleged male love interest has come forward, but Lisa proudly assures us all that Darren is as heterosexual as it gets. Quad calls Lisa out for labeling her and Mariah lesbians — and says that their relationship needs to recover from her cut-a-bitch commentary. 

Tax Trials

Toya and Dr. Eugene’s tax debt is discussed — and Mariah and Lisa weigh in on the financial mess. Mariah believes that Toya spends now, and thinks like a dum-dum later. Andy nudges Lisa into admitting that her and Darren once found themselves in the same position. Toya was shocked to learn that stealing from the government was worse than a pocketed lipstick, but is accepting the ass-whoopin’ from the IRS. Toya vows to never land in governmental hot water again — but vows even harder to maintain her high maintenance lifestyle. Mariah knows that Toya’s next dumb decision is just around the corner.

The Genise Factor

Genise is given kudos for slaying Heavenly in her rookie season. Heavenly shaded Genise and her husband immediately — and her words came back to bite her hard. Heavenly knows that she failed miserably on camera, and thanks Genise for shutting down her nasty stupidity. The duo agrees that their relationship is fine now, at least until Heavenly’s next verbal diarrhea slip-up. 

Bold and Barefoot

Mariah kicks off a juicy backstage exchange, when she strips off her shoes and earrings, shaking off any fashion resemblance to Heavenly. Andy notices, and Mariah and Heavenly launch into a nasty barb swap, until one of them is declared a smelly bullfrog. Heavenly croaks out a few comebacks, but Mariah is the clear (and cute) winner.

A Boozy Bully?

Heavenly’s battle against her own mouth is revisited, along with her ongoing quest for a self-controlled, classy existence. Heavenly explains  that she is making progress, as long as she stays far away from the cast. Andy veers the dialogue into Lisa shading Heavenly as a drunk, and Lisa confirms  that Heavenly sure can put away the booze. Heavenly is peeved that Lisa is calling her a lush in front of the whole world, and deflects by further shading Lisa’s marriage. Andy closes the show by allowing Heavenly to blast her opinions about the cast freely, until she is nailed by a viewer for being a warty bully. Mariah scores the final dig, when she slams  Heavenly as the one who triggers dissension within the group.

Don’t miss Part 2 of the reunion — as the husbands take the stage and face the music.


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