EXCLUSIVE: ‘Married To Medicine’ Season 4 Reunion Spoilers — Get All The Tea HERE! #Married2Med

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The Married to Medicine Season 4 Reunion explodes tonight (Feb 17) — and if you just can’t wait — check out Allaboutthetea.com’s EXCLUSIVE reunion tea about the first part of the post-season showdown.

Mariah, Quad, Toya, Lisa Nicole, Dr. Heavenly, Dr. SimoneDr. Jackie and newbie Genise all meet tonight to rehash their drama filled season. The shade is chilly — but the tea is hot! 

Lisa Nicole’s Marriage Is Attacked
  • Lisa Nicole is not pregnant — but still wants baby. The ladies shade her motive as a thirsty attention grab from her distant husband, Darren. Lisa Nicole admits that Dr. Darren is “turned on” when she’s pregnant. Toya labels  Lisa Nicole’s baby dream “sad fakeness.” “She wanted to have a baby so her husband could pay her some attention.” Heavenly shades Lisa.
  • Heavenly and Toya accuse Lisa Nicole of lashing out at the cast instead of at the one who deserves it — her husband. Heavenly blasts Darren for being absent, lying to his wife—and points to “the hoes knowing his name at the strip clubs.”  Lisa Nicole vehemently denies that Darren is cheating or gay. “You have no proof that he’s cheating, you have no proof that he’s gay. He is a heterosexual male,” Lisa Nicole fires back!
  • Dr. Jackie points out that Heavenly and Lisa Nicole were once good friends, which makes Lisa Nicole emotional. Heavenly claims that Darren was lying to Lisa Nicole and telling others “the truth.”
  • “The one thing you don’t have, is the love you deserve from your husband,” Toya chimes in. Toya brings up the man who claims to have romped with Dr. Darren, and the genital area mole that marks the spot. Lisa Nicole denies such a mole exists.
  • Then Quad calls Lisa Nicole out for accusing her and Mariah of being in a lesbian relationship.
Toya and Eugene’s Tax Problems
  • Toya and Dr. Eugene’s mega tax bill is discussed, and Lisa Nicole admits that she and Dr. Darren are currently paying off their own whopper IRS debt. Mariah believes that Toya makes bad decisions in general.
Mariah’s Wardrobe Change
  • Mariah ditches her shoes and earrings mid-taping, after a coincidental bitch stole my look clash with Heavenly. Heavenly baits Mariah to unleash, and things get heated before Andy shuts it down.

Heavenly’s Drinking Problem?
  • “Heavenly, your drinking is excessive,” Lisa Nicole tells Heavenly. Lisa calls out Heavenly’s drinking habits, and Heavenly deflects, by further shading her marriage. Heavenly reminds Lisa Nicole that she has a medical license, and does not appreciate the public accusations. 

Season 4 reunion seating chart

The first part of the reunion closes with the world according to Heavenly — who sets up the second part of the reunion by stirring things up with Mariah. Mariah emphatically states that Heavenly is the one who creates dissension within the group. “You can’t be Heavenly’s angel, when you’re doing the devil’s dirt,” Mariah says!

Preview the drama above and be sure to tune into the Married to Medicine reunion tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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