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#RHOBH Lisa Rinna Spins A Web Of Lies After Being EXPOSED On Spreading ‘Enabler’ Gossip!

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It seems that Lisa Rinna must have confabbed with Eileen Davidson after that night in Mexico because they’re both talking about “intent” this week.

So, I guess you can say mean things as long as your intentions are good? How, exactly, does that work?

Lisa Rinna has her defense ready in her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills blog this week. And she’s got her answers down pat.

During Mauricio’s celebration at a local Mexican restaurant, Erika Girardi told Lisa Rinna  she and Kyle Richards needed to speak. But Erika didn’t say why, which left Rinna scratching her head in confusion. Uh huh.

Kyle has been a good friend of mine for many years, and it was important to clear the air. If I had something to hide, I wouldn’t have been the one to initiate the conversation.”

Rinna says the other women were “lying in wait” for her. Yet she’s the one who brought it up. She just reminded us of that fact. Kyle wasn’t sure if she should even bring it up because she didn’t want to ruin everyone’s vacay. Sorry, Rinna. I’m not buying into your victim status.

“This is now two months after Game Night, and since then I have had a handful of conversations with Eden regarding her issues with Kyle and Kim. With the exception of the conversation we had while shopping, they have all consisted of me warning Eden that she needs to let the issue go.”

So, Rinna remembers all of her other conversations with Eden Sassoon, but not the one where she said Kim is “mostly” sober and close to death? Okey dokey.

“…my exact words to Eden in that conversation were “They’re this close to Kim dying.” Meaning, I was referencing what Kyle shared with all of us in the Hamptons about Kyle’s fear of losing her sister.”

And she remembers that conversation with Kyle from a year ago. Wow. What a selective memory Rinna has.

“In no way was I saying Kim was on a path to destruction, nor was I implying that Kim was on the brink of death. But unfortunately, this is how my message was relayed to Eden’s attentive audience…”

Rinna is referring to Lisa Vanderpump, of course, who didn’t initiate the conversation with Eden. It was the other way around, no?

“It’s embarrassing and frustrating to watch all of this play back, because I truly did not remember the conversation… Instead, the intention of what I said regarding Kim was all twisted…and I simply wasn’t going to own up to something that I couldn’t remember.”

Even though Rinna insists she meant no harm, she wishes she could take back her words. Oh, I bet she does. This is her second season as a messy Housewife. If she wanted to clean up her image, she’s doing a piss poor job of it.

“…I wish I had never said what I did to Eden, regardless of my intent, because it’s obvious that we have two very different realities of the situation.”

This is what she’s trying to sell us? That Eden is to blame because she told LVP a skewed version of events? Yet we’ve seen the footage over and over. Eden pretty related verbatim what Rinna said from her own inflated lips.

So, are you believing any of this “I don’t remember” scenario? Thoughts?


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