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#TeenMomOG Amber Portwood and Matt Offer Bizarre Explanation For Eviction Rumors!

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Teen Mom OG star, Amber Portwood, and live-in boyfriend, Matt Baier are speaking out, after legal documents exposed yet another pending lawsuit connected to their home address.

Amber has settled the financial fuss with the owner of the home — but is flaming mad that her name has been further soiled by messy rumors. 

Kirby Enterprises was moving to evict Amber and Matt, filing legal docs pointing to a $2640 back payment debt and damage to the property. In a video shot for TMZ, Amber and Matt sound off — claiming that they have the paperwork to prove a $32k downpayment, and no missed payments.

Kirby Enterprises confirmed “an unfortunate misunderstanding” to TMZ, and revealed their intention to withdraw the eviction filing. Amber and Matt are furious that their reps have been shaded — and Amber is even theorizing a hidden motive for Kirby’s seeming attempt to push them out of the home.

Teen Mom OG is filming for the upcoming season — will the show chronicle the drama? 



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