#RHOBH Recap: Kyle Richards Confronts Lisa Rinna In Mexico Over Kim Addiction Gossip!

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills resumes south of the border, with the ladies living the life in Mexico. Rinna has just bellowed her entrance—so let the drama begin! Kyle is irritated by Rinna’s very presence, and is pissed about all that she has blathered about her sister. 

The Agency launch party is set to take off, and we all take a moment to share some proud thoughts about the man of the hour. Dorit is rocking a smashing white jumpsuit, and Mauricio’s biz is set to launch the Mexican office with a bang. The group is transported to the venue, and the festivities begin. We relive a few flashback moments with Mauricio and Kyle—and hear once more how magnificent Mauricio’s journey to the top has been. Ken rocks a sombrero, as Rinna gushes over Delilah’s runway debut. She shares that tears of proud parent joy were shed at the sight of their baby’s  first strut. Meanwhile, Lisa and Dorit are tittering about Rinna’s careless big mouth, as Eileen and Rinna analyze Eden’s obnoxious involvement in Kyle and Kim’s biz. Eden is shown bashing Kyle, and Eileen kindly labels  Eden “complicated.” Erika advises Rinna to “sort out the Eden issue” with Kyle, while Rinna struggles to remember who exactly Eden is. We would all like to forget, but are soon reminded that Eden is that nosy interloper who is managing to stink up a whole season.

Rinna pulls Kyle aside, whipping out her dumbstruck best, asking her what the annoying newbie has been up to. Kyle spits out the dirt, and Rinna is shocked that anyone would think such outlandish thoughts. Rinna doesn’t remember anything—-including diagnosing someone’s impending doom. Bravo flashes us back to the high-volume shopping trip with Eden, as Rinna tries to remember what country she’s in. Dorit reminds everyone that Eden unleashed on Kim all on her own, and Rinna continues to blast Eden—though probably more angry at herself. Rinna strangely says that she has been careful with her words, which invites Lisa to blast her for nailing Kim publicly about her arrest. Rinna backtracks, admitting that she has selective amnesia, as well as a tendency to be melodramatic about death. Lisa squawks “OWN IT” in the background, while Rinna agrees to shut Eden down when she gets home. Rinna admits that she got too close to Eden too quickly—secretly realizing that she blabbed to the wrong rookie. Rinna escapes to bawl alone, and Dorit follows her to offer sympathy. Rinna plugs her daughter one last time—this time the shout-out expressed through frustrated tears. Eileen joins the pity party, and Soapy and Sudsy commiserate in a weepy embrace. Rinna has been blindsided by her own gossip, and is furious with Eden for mixing up this big mess.

Lisa and Kyle further discuss the drama during a dance, and as they swing each other around, Lisa brightly reminds Kyle that Rinna was a filthy liar last season too. Meanwhile Eileen and Rinna want to puke all over Kyle and Lisa, so the soap sisters make an exit. Rinna and Eileen shuffle out of the party, as Rinna continues to blubber about her shifty memory. Erika follows, claiming that she feels bad about witnessing those strange water droplets falling out of Rinna’s eyes. Erika swaggers into Rinna’s room to comfort her, grabbing the chance to practice for her soap gig. Erika reminds her that “near” and “death” are pretty major words. Rinna can’t recall using such verbiage, and Erika begs her to get it together, and lay off the pill baggie. Over with the fun group, Lisa suggests a wife swap to liven up the night, and PK plays along, while shading Lisa’s granny-panties. The group continues to joke and laugh—a great scene, especially because all of the party poopers weren’t present. 

The next morning, Lisa and Kyle continue to have fun, while Rinna spills the tea from the night before to Harry Hamlin. Harry backs her up, in a responsibly prepared statement. His sage advice cosigns Rinna’s responsibility shirk, making Harry extra dreamy perfect.

Back in Beverly Hills, Eden’s mother, Beverly, is arriving for a visit. They both used to be drunks, but they have recovered and been close for a whole four years. Eden gets teary, because she sees her sister every time she sees Kim. Her mother speaks some commonsense advice, as Eden weeps as a pitiful and misunderstood troublemaker. Beverly advises her to zip it, and Eden agrees that she needs to get out of her own loony thoughts. Eden suffocates her mom in a hug, until the poor woman begs for mercy.

Back in Mexico, Dorit and PK call home, and Dorit gets emotional speaking to Jagger. The nanny assures her that the children are fine, but Dorit is struggling without her babies. The group gathers for a boat ride, but Lisa and Ken are making an exit to head to DC, to stand against the Yulin dog meat festival. Rinna slinks into the mix, and it’s awkward, but Kyle is glad that the issue had been discussed. The crew boards a gorgeous catamaran, and Rinna shares that she is recovering from an accountability hangover. Rinna and Eileen huddle and swap thoughts about Lisa’s joy at Rinna being nailed to the wall. PK takes note of the gossip sesh, but is kind to Rinna, who appreciates his words of encouragement. The gang goes swimming, and the water looks heavenly. Dorit and Kyle hold back, until PK offers his honey a Birkin for just one belly flop. Dorit caves, and jumps like a seal through a hoop, later scoring a lovely bag.

Rinna closes the episode by giving the men a crotch in the face show, writhing and crawling around to an Erika Jayne classic. There are no words to describe the spectacle. Everyone is thrilled, and Erika is proud that she is converting the ladies to senior puss-patters—one snatch at a time. Kyle is amazed by the cringeworthy spectacle, and decides that the horror wipes Rinna’s slate clean.

Next week, the drama resumes in the 90210. Kim hears the news that she is near death, and Rinna confronts Eden.


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