#RHOBH Dorit Kemsley Opens Up About Husband PK And Their Relationship

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Dorit Kemsley has found herself in the hot seat more than once.


As the newbie on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she’s made a lasting impression.


First there was pantygate, and then Twitter trolls started questioning Dorit’s use of nannies.

Some even said her baby girl wouldn’t make eye contact with her, possibly because she wasn’t active enough in young Phoenix’s life.


To me, that’s bullshit. The crowds, the lights — could that be why her baby was distracted.

Though she has her detractors, Dorit has her share of fans, too.


Last week, we saw Dorit and her husband, PK, have lunch with the kids. Dorit said in her blog this week that she makes the most of her time with her family.

PK and I work and travel a lot and when we get an afternoon with the family, we love spending it with the kids. We haven’t had a lunch like that in a little while so it was nice to go out and have some fun…. Our time together as a family means everything to both PK and I.”

Dorit’s son, Jagger, has had difficulty speaking. He’s making strides in communicating with his mom and dad.

“After six months of speech therapy, Jagger was starting to use his words… We always try to be optimistic and hopeful for what’s to come with his progress.”

Boy George, who lives with Dorit and PK, sees a hands on, doting mother.

Dorit was clear that she wanted to continue her lifestyle after having children. Is there anything wrong with that? Thoughts?


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