Oh Snap! #RHOA Star Kandi Burruss Proves Porsha Williams Is An ‘Aggressive Lesbian’ When Drunk!

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Is Porsha Williams an “aggressive lesbian,” like Kandi Burruss claims?

On Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, after the confrontation during the glamping dinner concerning Kandi’s sexual preferences, Kandi made this comment to Kenya, Cynthia and Hazel after returning to their cabins. Apparently when Porsha gets drunk, she likes women – a lot!

In the season 9 preview, viewers were led to believe that Kandi was the one to come onto Porsha, however, Radar Online has released text messages between the two reality stars that reveal it was Porsha who got all “turnt up for REAL” after a wild night at a club in Atlanta, even suggesting that Vegas rules would apply.

Porsha wrote, “Finally got my phone back on!! It’s been broke for 3 days. Btw! I been laughing everyday since Queens…We was turnt up for REAL!! Just want you to know I’m not gone rape you on camera so no worried Lmaooo”

Kandi replied, “Queens was definitely interesting…Lol! If you say anything crazy on camera I’m gonna walk away & leave you standing there like I don’t know you! LMAO”

“Good!’ Cuz I would do the same! Queens is Vegas goes on stays there Lmaooo,” Porsha replies.

Tell us what you think. Is Porsha the aggressor and lying about it? Or is she just a confused drunk?


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