#RHOA Phaedra Parks Snitches On Ex Apollo Nida — Claims He Texts Her From Prison!

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Sunday night on Watch What Happens Live, Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Phaedra Parks, and Danielle Brooks from Orange Is the New Black joined Andy Cohen in the clubhouse.

All season, Phaedra has been obsessed with camel toes. While she thinks they’re in, 84% of viewers said a camel toe is never a good look.

On a sneak peek for the Married to Medicine season 4 reunion, Heavenly Kimes is still going hard at Lisa Nicole Cloud. Apparently, Heavenly told Lisa that her husband, Darren, had been lying to her. Lisa resented Heavenly’s blunt honesty, and that’s what really ended the friendship. Lisa thought if she was happy in her marriage, it didn’t matter what lies Darren told.

Earlier in the RHOA season, both Kenya Moore and Nene Leakes separately appeared on WWHL and talked about Phaedra. Nene thought the Phaedra/Kenya friendship was fake. Kenya thought Phaedra was so good at lying and wiggling out of taking accountability, she was like a greased little pig you just couldn’t catch. Phaedra said:

“Well, I love bacon and so do my kids… When you’re in everybody’s mouth, you must be doing something right, girl.”

Danielle’s Housewife tagline would be, “If you think all the milkshakes bring the boys to the yard, well you ain’t had a taste of this.” She’s a fan of Bedroom Kandi toys. She thinks Sheree is the shadiest Atlanta Housewife.

On tonight’s episode, Marlo Hampton spilled all the tea about Kandi’s previous dips in the lady pond. Porsha took the heat for it while Phaedra sat back and sipped her bub. Phaedra defended herself.

“So, this is the things you need to know. First of all, it was some slicing and dicing of the footage. But at the end of the day, I came on the trip to be positive. We all know Porsha can handle herself. Porsha’s a strong woman. Porsha’s a great friend, and she is not a liar. On the second note, it was already becoming very heated, and I think it was going in a bad direction. I didn’t need to add any more fuel to that fire.”

88% of the audience disagreed and thought Phaedra should have come forward. Phaedra didn’t know her whispers about Kandi and Shamea Morton would be captured on camera.

“When I did say what I said, I didn’t know we were rolling tape. I didn’t have a microphone on. I did not. But I didn’t know it was going to be on there because that was not my objective to tell anybody’s business. My objective was to say the motivation of this person to come at me. [Speaking of Shamea] You’ve been on this show for three consecutive years with no contract, not making a penny, so you want to gain traction, and when you’re trying to gain traction, you’ll do almost anything.”

Next, Andy showed Phaedra’s shadiest moments of the season so far. Then he showed Danielle’s best lines on OITNB.

Phaedra gave an update on Apollo.

“He just sent me a text last night. It’s cordial. Well, he’s appealing the divorce, and he still wants to remain married. He has a fiancé, but he didn’t say that in court.”

Phaedra said she didn’t miss her friendship with Kandi.

“Okay, it’s been three years since we had a conversation. I have nothing against her. I’m cordial and there’s obviously pleasantries because we’re in the same circle. But we haven’t had a serious conversation since my baby was seven-months-old. He’s going to be four.”

Phaedra and Danielle gave their opinions on the Grammy fashions. Erika Jayne got a pass, Rihanna and Laverne Cox got a thumbs up, but Nick Jonas and Katy Perry were thrown into fashion prison. CeeLo Green looked like he’d been dipped in gold and won Danielle’s favorite look on the red carpet.

A viewer called out Apollo for sending a text from federal prison. Does that mean Apollo has access to a cell phone? “I don’t know,” Phaedra said. When Andy questioned her further, she said, “He texts. Would you like to see it?”

When a caller asked Phaedra which Housewife should get the boot, she refused to name names.

“I would never say that, because that’s not my choice. What makes the show great is that we’re an ensemble cast and everyone plays their part. For me to say something as malicious as that says more about me than them.”

So, do you think Phaedra should have fessed up during the glamping dinner?


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