Damn! Marlo Hampton Gets Dragged on Twitter Over Vicious Attack On Kenya Moore’s Childhood Abandonment

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Marlo Hampton was on a nasty roll during last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta — stunning even scorched earth reality fans.

Viewers are crying foul after Marlo hit Kenya Moore way below the belt, going for the jugular over being left out of a couple of Kenya’s parties. Marlo hit hard, dragging Kenya’s sad estrangement from her mother into a  petty dialogue — and the scene was a messy one.

Fans weighed in on Twitter, blasting the Bravo drop-in for twisting the knife so hard into Kenya. 





Some viewers pointed out the obvious — that Marlo is slinging the mud hard to score a peach. Is Marlo so thirsty for the Bravo cameras, that nothing is off limits? Was Marlo spitting nails because of a party diss, or because she missed a few golden nuggets of camera time?



Kenya handled Marlo’s venom like a pro — and did not feed the beast.



Marlo will cross any line to score a spot on the Bravo stage — will her no-boundaries viciousness win her a peach?   

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