Kandi Burruss Hints She’ll Go After Phaedra Parks At #RHOA Reunion!

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Kandi Burruss’ kinky side might be coming back to bite her in the ass.

Last night on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Marlo Hampton spilled the tea, telling Kandi that some of the other women had been spreading rumors that Kandi was a lesbian.



Kandi demanded to know who’d been talking behind her back. Porsha Williams wondered the same thing. Sheree looked at Porsha like she was an idiot, then told everyone at the table it was Porsha who’d said things about Kandi.

But that wasn’t strictly true. It was really Phaedra Parks who got the lesbian ball rolling. And instead of stepping up and taking accountability, Phaedra sipped her wine and didn’t say a peep.

Now that Kandi knows Phaedra was the one who threw the rock and then hid her hand, she’ll have a few choice things to say come reunion time.

But over dinner, Kandi put Porsha on blast, saying Porsha didn’t mind the ladies either. Kandi said she knew all about Porsha and her sexual escapades.

Porsha clapped back, “You don’t know anything about what I have done!”

But back in her cabin, as she talked to her sister and Phaedra, Porsha said she could have spilled everything she knew about Kandi’s own sexy trysts.

In a neighboring cabin, Cynthia Bailey, Kandi, and Kenya Moore talked about Porsha. According to Kandi, when Porsha drinks, she becomes “aggressively lesbian.”


So, was Marlo right to bring up the lesbian rumors or should she have eaten her dinner and kept her mouth closed?


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