Is #TeenMom2 Star Jenelle Evans Trying To Copy Chelsea Houska’s Fairytale Reality With David Eason Engagement?

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Jenelle Evans is engaged — will the sixth time be the charm?

The Teen Mom 2 star announced the happy news on social media, and is poised to make it permanent with baby daddy #3, David Eason. Jenelle and David had their first child together, Jenelle’s third, about a month ago.

Jenelle has been engaged several times before. Jenelle scored temporary engagement rings from Andrew Lewis, Gary Head, Courtland Rogers, Nathan Griffith, and now, David Eason. There was also a vague nod to an official promise to exposed druggie, Kieffer Delp.

A different dynamic is in the mix this time — and it has nothing to do with the latest man in her life. 

A rare sighting has been a part of the Teen Mom 2 landscape for the last two seasons — a romance that appears to have beaten the MTV odds. Jenelle’s co-star, Chelsea Houska, held out for true love and found a healthy and happy relationship with her husband, Cole DeBoer. The show has chronicled the couple’s love affair, which appears to be on the road to a happily ever after. Chelsea and Cole wed last October, and had their first child together last month.


Chelsea and Jenelle were pregnant during identical time-frames, and delivered only a day apart.

Their pregnancy story similarities end there. Jenelle covered up her pregnancy — Chelsea did not. Jenelle has been pregnant several times (by several men) since the birth of her first child. Chelsea waited for Mr. Right, matured into a responsible adult, and waited seven years to have a second child. Fans took notice — and therein lies the rub.

Jenelle had a meltdown on Twitter, after fans poured out congratulations on Chelsea’s marriage+baby news — but largely rolled their eyes at Jenelle’s bun-in-the-oven announcement. Jenelle dodged pregnancy rumors for months, finally coming clean and admitting to a third child — with zero mention of an engagement ring from her live-in lover. MTV fans were Team Chelsea — and Jenelle went into a bratty tantrum.

Jenelle denied the obvious reference to Chelsea, but later confirmed the jealous shade during the pregnancy reveal episode.

“Why can’t anyone be like, ‘if she is, congratulations to them,’” Jenelle whined. “Everyone was happy for Chelsea.”

David flashed Jenelle’s latest forever rock to fans — a lookalike to Chelsea’s diamond solitaire.

Is Jenelle frantically carving out a fairy tale ending to defend another doomed relationship—or could this one be a keeper? Does Jenelle believe that she can win back fan respect by mimicking a rare Teen Mom success story?

Teen Mom 2 airs Monday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET on MTV.


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