‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Heavenly and Lisa Nicole’s Friendship Come To An End In Season 4 Finale

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The finale episode of Married to Medicine begins right where we left off, with the Heavenly and Lisa Nicole shooting verbal barbs at Toya’s housewarming party. Heavenly believes that Lisa Nicole is a sketchy liar, and a major conference thief. Lisa Nicole thinks that Heavenly is just ignorant about name-grabbing conference protocol. Quad stands up to put in her two cents, and Mariah is instantly annoyed that Quad is butting in where she doesn’t belong. Heavenly shushes her, but Mariah doesn’t back down, triggering Heavenly to snap back hard. Jackie interjects, noting that Mariah is trying to lead Lisa Nicole. Jackie just wants Lisa Nicole to think for herself, but because of  Jackie and Mariah’s messy history, Mariah believes that Jackie is acting on an old grudge. Heavenly slips again, her mouth taking on a life of it’s own. Simone shuts down the trashy noise, and Toya finally tells them all to shut up and eat. Toya offers a nice speech, and a blessing — finally fully accepting her lame mansion. Heavenly thanks Toya by blobbing food on her couch.

We shift over to Jackie at work, and learn that she is trying to restructure her practice to allow more time for hubby-love. She then meets with the  director of her look book, because Jackie is planning a breast cancer awareness event, which will include a sneak peek of a few of the photos shot earlier in the season.

We catch up with Lisa Nicole and Dr. Darren, who are are discussing how to “do” a family. Lisa Nicole wants to bang themselves into a pregnancy, but Darren isn’t thrilled with that idea. Darren wants to hire a surrogate, but Lisa Nicole is worried. Darren assures her that falling in love with a uterus is pretty unlikely, making matters worse when he slips and reveals that he hopes that they all fail miserably. We jump over to Simone, who is giving us a glimpse into her home, and her high-volume motivational  techniques. The family is ready to spend the summer under one roof, ending Simone’s alone days, but giving her valuable time with her growing boys.

Meanwhile, Heavenly is meeting with her spiritual adviser. Heavenly is embarrassed for spouting off at Toya’s party, and regrets how things stand with Lisa Nicole. She thought that Lisa Nicole was her friend, and feels badly that the relationship is broken. The adviser believes that the friendship might be salvageable, and Heavenly agrees to pray for direction.

A cute scene with Quad and baby Mason is next, the slobbery fun interrupted by Mason’s mom, Monica. Monica isn’t happy with her job, and because of a broken relationship with Quad’s brother, Quentin, she is thinking of moving back home. Quad shares that her brother and Monica had a fight, which triggered Quentin to leave the state. Quentin isn’t stepping up or being supportive, so Monica wants to take the baby home. Quad invested time in helping her brother get back on his feet, and is disappointed that things aren’t  working out. Quad is sad to see Mason go, but knows that she can’t stop Monica from taking her nephew away. Quad wants Mason to succeed, and  commits to helping him any way that she can, as the duo exchanges tearful goodbyes. Quad is heartbroken over the loss, and wishes that she could do more.

The look book debut is being set up, and Jackie hopes that friendships can be healed within the awareness event. We hop around to the ladies getting ready for the big night, and everyone is hoping for no drama, issues or — fingers crossed — profanity. The ladies trickle in, and Darren and his sunglasses have managed to make an appearance. Jackie is wearing a smashing pink dress, and the photos of the ladies are displayed around the space. Mariah arrives with a girlfriend, and just hopes that Jackie will keep her big mouth under control. Eugene sidles up, giggling over the side boob extravaganza. Darren makes an exit, phone in hand, the breast-heavy commentary chasing him off.

The ladies are sweating up a storm, but Simone tells Toya sweatin’ out the mean is just what the doctor ordered. Cecil busts up the shade session, summoning his wife out front to meet an incoming ambulance. Simone’s acting chops need some work, but she works the shtick as Heavenly is rolled out of the vehicle on a stretcher. The silly grand entrance is pulled off, and the cast plays along. Dr. Damon resurrects his dramatically unconscious wife with a kiss, in a flunky fairy tale ending. The stunt illustrates the power of love to Jackie, who plays along like a good sport. Dr. Heavenly defends Curtis’ loyalty, and Jackie laughingly accepts the forced life lesson. Toya and Eugene roll their eyes at the dumb Heaven Help Us tutorial.

Jackie takes a minute to remind the ladies that there are breast cancer survivors among them, so she expects the reality hysteria to remain under control. A late Quad finally arrives, and Mariah is immediately nervous for the guests. Lisa Nicole finds the environment volatile, and Simone concludes that Lisa Nicole is just a shallow friend. Heavenly and Lisa Nicole step off by themselves, and Heavenly broaches the pink elephant in the room. Heavenly explains that after much prayer and thought, she has concluded that Lisa Nicole is an untrustworthy hag. Lisa Nicole is hurt, but accepts Heavenly’s verdict. Lisa Nicole triggers the worst in Heavenly, so Heavenly knows a split is for the best. Toya thinks that Lisa Nicole is a poser, and really does want to be ok with the girls. Lisa Nicole just wishes that the women would support her success. She is considering getting a new set of friends — preferably ones who don’t feed division.

The finale episode wraps with Jackie debuting her look book photos of the cast. Heavenly is thrilled at the photoshopped number, and thinks that she could make Playboy. Jackie reveals her photo, and it’s lovely. Simone declares that she’s proud of them all, especially when the breast friends aren’t ripping each other to shreds. Toya loves that they respect each other — at least until the reunion.

The reunion explodes and the sequins fly next week — don’t miss it!


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