‘Married To Medicine’ Season 4 Finale Reveals Unexpected Drama — Watch HERE!

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Call the ambulance — the Married to Medicine season finale has Dr. Heavenly needing doctor’s assistance!

In the season 4 finale, Dr. Jackie Walters hosts a look book party and one of their own needs help — and Lord knows — lots of it. As the women stand around, talking about sweating out the meanness, Cecil runs in to tell his wife, Dr. Simone Whitmore, that an ambulance has pulled up and they’re asking for a doctor.

When the cast arrive out front, the ambulance drivers get out, open the back doors, and pull out Dr. Heavenly Kimes on a stretcher.

“This ain’t the hospital, man,” says Dr. Eugene Harris.

Dr. Heavenly’s eyes are closed and it appears as if she needs chest compressions or mouth to mouth. Her husband, Dr. Damon, steps up and plants a kiss on her lips. Like a fairy tale, Dr. Heavenly sits up with a smile on her face, and has a message for Jackie.

“You see Jackie, I was trying to tell you, love is all you need. All you need is love.” Dr. Heavenly explains in a testimonial that she wanted Jackie to see that “a kiss from the one you love can bring you back to life.”

Jackie’s response, “Okay, could you put her back?”

Tune in Friday night for the season finale and see if all is well between Curtis and Jackie and the other ladies of Married to Medicine at 8:00 pm ET on Bravo.


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