Kailyn Lowry Pics Slammed As Outrage Grows Over Her Nasty Treatment of Split From Javi

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Teen Mom 2 star, Kailyn Lowry, is smack in the middle of a brutal fan backlash in the wake of her split from husband, Javi Marroquin. Kailyn has been under fire, but the vehement fan climate did not stop the reality mom from throwing her sweet boys to the Instagram wolves. Did the fan kickback die down, after the two innocent victims of the nasty marriage drama made an appearance? Take one guess.

Kailyn pushed it, by hawking a brand in an ironic post of her youngest son, Lincoln. “This smile shows he’s living the good life ????????????…”

Fans weighed in, and many were not kind.


“I hate how you treat your husband #karma a bitch”

“Beautiful boy who should be strictly with his father until you realize you’re a mother again”

“Hes very cute….ur still such a bitch tho miss piggy. U project domestic abuse on both ur kids everyday with how u are to their fathers. Seek therapy”

Seven-year-old Isaac stood in the spotlight next, the adorable shot inviting kudos, as well as noisy concern about the child’s future.


“it’s cruel that you set this poor boy up for heartbreak letting him calling Javi “Daddy”. Isaac has a father! Now his feelings are hurt, he is confused and he will grow up not understanding why Lincoln was more important. Shame on you, Kailyn!”

“Love your heart of gold,Issac. You are so sweet. I hope you get to see Javi. We all know you love him. I’m glad Joe is there and has matured and is a positive role model for you. One day,you will see all this online and I feel bad for you. We love you, Issac.”

“Please please continue to have Javi in his life. And please have no more babies until you have counseling I know your past has hurt you- I hope you find your more gentler side. You are as cold as Ice.”

Kailyn captioned a dynamic duo image “had to share one more from our shoot over the weekend. love these boys ????????????”


Fans unleashed on the post, blasting Kailyn for putting the drama swirling around her split, before her children.

“Maybe you should put your kids first kail and quit acting the way you are. How can all these guys be the cause when you have cheated on all of them???? Hmmmm no it’s not them it’s cause of your attitude and closing yourself off!!! Put your boys first!!!”

“Kail needs some serious help… her issues run deep… it’s affected every relationship in her life and will destroy her children if she doesn’t get help… therapy… meds… who knows but something needs to be worked out.”

“She needs to put a zip on those big ass ugly lips of hers and think about those boys!!! She will always have guys around them she’s just that kind of girl No care hoe!!! Think about your kids before bringing another one!!!! SMFH!!!!”

A family shot only amped the ferocious fan chatter.


“You are a HORRIBLE mother!!! Your kids one day will watch this show and see how SELFISH you are!! Go get some profesional help before you fuck up your kids even more!”

“Karma is a bitch.. they way you treated that man after serving our country is gross.. can’t stand you like Farrah.”

“Yup. Because you take pictures. That erases all your abuse.”

Outspoken Teen Mom 2 viewers love Kailyn’s two little boys—their mother, not so much. What do you think of Kailyn’s decision to post kiddie shots in the middle of such high-octane fan backlash?

Teen Mom 2 continues Monday night on MTV.


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