Carole Radziwill Plans To Take Down Luann De Lesseps To Spice Up ‘Boring’ #RHONY Storyline!

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Fans know that Carole Radziwill was invited back for another season of The Real Housewives of New York — but most viewers are less than enthused about the sleepy writer’s return.

Carole has been filming the ninth season of the big city franchise — but will her next spin in the Bravo spotlight be just as flat as the last? Fans have been complaining for months that Carole is  dull —  a popular opinion spurred by a snoozy Season 8 go-round.

Reportedly Carole might be using co-star, Luann D’Agostino, to create interest that she simply can’t muster on her own.

Carole’s hotheaded bestie, Bethenny Frankel, pushed Luann hard last season — will this season offer Carole a copycat shot at exposing the dirty laundry of a fan favorite? An audio recording of Luann expressing doubts about her future marriage to Tom D’Agostino has allegedly fallen into Carole’s hands — and a deja vu storyline might be in the works.

“Somehow that private conversation made it into the hands of cast member Carole Radziwill! Carole has never been a great girlfriend to the Countess and was searching for a storyline for next season of the show,” the source reported. “Let’s just say that Carole didn’t keep the news secret.”

Carole has maintained resentment towards Luann, ever since Luann initially shaded the relationship she shares with her boyfriend, the equally bland Adam Kenworthy. Luann stole the spotlight last season, and now Carole is supposedly poised to pounce on the popular reality star’s fan-power. Will fans cosign the move, or resent the rinse and repeat storyline? 

Do you believe that the other ladies will join Carole in reigniting the drama surrounding Luann and Tom — or will Carole have to beat that dead horse all by herself?

Filming for Season 9 of The Real Housewives of New York is underway. 


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