‘RHOBH’ Lisa Vanderpump Feels Lisa Rinna Is A ‘Devious Character’ Who Masterminded The Kim Richards Addiction Struggles Drama!

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills queen bee, Lisa Vanderpump, is far too posh to scream, “I was right about Lisa Rinna. Admit it! I was right! Mwhahahaha.” But we can tell from the twinkle in her eyes that she’s thinking it.

In the latest episode of RHOBH, Rinna showed up at Kyle’s store, cleverly named Kyle, and claimed ignorance as to why Eden Sassoon kept going in on Kim and her wobbly sobriety. Gee whiz, Rinna never talks about Kim. Golly, where could Eden have gotten all of her information?

But little did Rinna know that Eden popped up at Villa Rosa to share everything with LVP. According to Rinna, Kim was close to death, so of course Eden had to act under such dire circumstances.

Both of these women — Rinna and Eden — have their own malfunctions. But LVP gives Eden the benefit of the doubt as she takes to her blog to set the record straight, and in her very British way say, “I told you so, b*tches!”

“Last year was extraordinarily difficult as I battled and endured the wrath from ED and LR over a conversation…that was the catalyst for the vitriol that emerged. But she [Rinna] was stalwart in her opinion that her recollection was accurate to a tee, emphatic as she tried to drag my character through the dirt.”

Before her convo with Eden, LVP had lunched with Kyle. Kyle was certain Eden wanted to discuss her situation with Kim and maybe call her an enabler again.

“I had firmly and unequivocally warned Eden that I was not willing to partake in conversations against Kyle and Kim. Kim was…doing rather well… Outsiders also includes LR since little, if any, time has been spent in her company.”

LVP and Kyle have had their ups and downs, but LVP remains loyal to her friends. Even when they excessively flip their hair and drunkenly do the splits at every party.

“At times we have faltered but…I was resolute in my defense of both of them and not willing to engage without making that clear where my loyalties lay.”

LVP throws some shade at Rinna for being loose lipped about Kim’s previous backsliding, then her denial of having talked about Kim at all.

“You observed LR‘s careless remarks to Eden. You then also see LR state that she is reluctant to talk about KIM. What utter hogwash. Kim‘s name is rarely far from her thoughts as we all interact with each other.”

LVP shades Rinna a little more, basically calling her out for wanting revenge on Kim because of the Amsterdam Affair. (The Amsterdam Affair would be an awesome title for a movie, by the way.)

LR is no one’s puppet as she proclaimed so emphatically last summer. It was ridiculous to entertain that notion, that I would fill her fluffy head with my thoughts and not speak for myself. No, LR is propelled by something deeper than that. It almost seems a retaliatory anger for words that were exchanged in Amsterdam.”

LVP hints that things will get batshit crazy later this season. And I, for one, can’t wait.

“So as we see the machinations of this complicated scenario unfold, it might shed some light on some devious characters who are willing to shovel the dirt, then pass the spade with the intent to keep their own hands clean.”

What’s your take? Should Rinna’s feet be held to the fire for her duplicity or is that just the name of the reality TV game?


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