Lisa Rinna Says Kim Richards ‘Provoke’ & Baited Her Amid The Sobriety Drama With Eden Sassoon

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Lisa Rinna is the worst Housewife in the history of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

You might disagree. Perhaps you think Brandi Glanville should win the title. But Brandi was fun in the early days. I even sympathized with her on Game Night, when the Richards sisters ganged up on her. It was easy to root for her back then.

Maybe you think Eileen Davidson is horrible. Not only is she a shit stirrer, her personality is as drab as her home decor. You wouldn’t be wrong.

Yolanda Hadid had her grating journey through the land of Lyme. Yes, she was truly awful—no question.

What makes Rinna the worst is that she opens those ginormous lips of hers and then speaks bullshit with a straight face. Later, she denies everything. She talks about “owning it,” but refuses to fess up to any wrongdoing. Remember that Instagram rant where she insulted the RHOBH fans, calling them fat cat hoarders? She quickly backtracked so that she could continue to sell her stretch pants on QVC. She wasn’t talking about real fans, you see, just haters. Uh huh.

This time Rinna has spilled tea about Kim Richards to Eden Sassoon. Instead of owning it (gah, how I’ve grown to hate that phrase), she says she was merely venting to Eden. That Eden tried to “help” Kim and Kyle of her own accord. But Rinna is every bit the manipulator she accused Lisa Vanderpump of being last season.

In her blog this week, Rinna takes great pains to distance herself from Eden, but first she blames Kim Richards for everything that went down since Game Night. (Don’t these women know by now that nothing good comes from Game Night?)

“Everything was going great that night until Kim got involved. Our conversation had nothing to do with her… She was dying to get a word in, to find the perfect time to start trouble with me yet again, push my buttons, and to try to make me look like a crazy person for reacting to her.”

Rinna didn’t look crazy that night, she looked vindictive, proving she’ll fight dirty with a woman who hasn’t been stable since Walt Disney himself tooled around on the monorail.

Kim’s intentions were to provoke and bait me… Unfortunately, she succeeded, and I played right into her hands. She was aggressive, and yes, she was derogatory toward me and Eileen. If Kim had not done that, we would not be here right now.”

See? It’s Kim’s fault!

Next, Rinna puts distance between herself and the sober fairy godmother in an effort to prove she did nothing wrong. She was only venting! Eden took what info Rinna gave her and ran with it. (I’m rolling my eyes so hard, I’m dizzy!)

“We were not friends before… I truly felt like we connected. I liked her, I felt like I could trust her. Boy, was I stupid.”

Rinna hoped Eden could help her and Kim heal from the past. Still, she doesn’t bear any responsibility for blabbing to Eden in the first place.

“…I felt genuine hope that perhaps Eden Sassoon could be some sort of beacon of peace and wisdom for both Kim and me to help heal our relationship.”

The only ownership Rinna takes is that she put all her trust into Eden. See? It’s all Eden’s fault.

“I honestly don’t know how it went from me opening up to Eden and trusting her to me being the bad guy so quickly… I felt very safe with Eden, a sober woman of four years, and I let my guard down.”

Rinna takes umbrage with the fact that Eden talked about all this Lisa Vanderpump.

“She never once approached me about it. Instead, Eden started this game of “telephone.” She decided to talk behind my back and didn’t bother to even tell the whole real story.”

The way Rinna talked behind Kyle and Kim’s backs? Isn’t that what one would call…hmm…hypocritical?

“So I ask you Eden, why not tell the entire story? You only told a very small part, and a salacious part of the story at that… I told Eden that I thought Kim was mostly sober. At the time…this was my impression… I told Eden that Kyle is Kim’s enabler… I don’t understand the shock of me talking about this since I have said this to Kyle more than once.”

Rinna thought Kyle should have shushed Kim, as though her older sister were a child.

“There had been several times in the past that I felt Kyle should have spoken up, and she didn’t. If Kyle had said to her sister at Game Night, “Kim, it’s not OK for you to talk to my friends like that in my home” we wouldn’t be where we are now.”

See? It’s all Kyle’s fault!

“I did not say “Kim was on the path to destruction” or “near death” the way Eden relayed it to her eager listener. What I said was, “They’re this close to Kim dying.” Those six words…have now been twisted into a dirty piece of gossip… I was talking about…what Kyle shared with us all in the Hamptons last year.”

Now Rinna flipflops. Eden is to blame for this whole mess because she was just too damned needy.

Eden took it and ran… Why? Maybe because Eden wasn’t getting the attention she desired from me, Kyle, or KimEden is responsible for the words that come out of her mouth as we all are.”

Are. You. Kidding me? We all saw the preview for next week’s show, did we not? The way Rinna hemmed and hawed, trying to get out of answering Kyle’s direct question—did she talk about Kim being close to death?

Now, Rinna wants to take aim at Dorit Kemsley for telling the other women about Rinna’s Xanax smoothie and her bag of pills.

“When I took out my bag of pills, vitamins, whatever you want to call it, no one was happier than Dorit Kemsley… We were ALL laughing and joking about it… Doritos then took that and made it into something gossipy and so wrong. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this is coming from the same person who was ready to swan dive into my now infamous baggie of pills.”

So, there you have it. Every one of the other Housewives is to blame for this mess—much like Munchausen-gate—except for Rinna herself. According to Sudsy, her hands are clean.

What do you think? Is Rinna the worst or do I have it wrong? 


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