‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Dutchess Lattimore’s Ex Drags Her On Instagram Over Her New Man!

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Black Ink Crew star, Dutchess Lattimore, isn’t sitting around pining for her ex, Ceaser Emanuel. She’s got a new man, and she’s not afraid of a little PDA.

When Dutchess took to Instagram Live to wish everyone a happy Superbowl Sunday, she also showed off her new boo, Carolina Panther, Zack Sanchez. As she hugged him from behind and spoke in his ear, she made it clear that she’s moving on.


You may remember that Dutchess broke up with Ceaser after he got another woman pregnant. That kind of thing tends to put a damper on wedding plans. But how serious was Ceaser, really, when he gave her a ring purchased by VH1? Hmm?


However this man says he’s the reason Dutchess broke up with Ceaser, and he’s not happy she traded up for a football player. Naturally, he took to Instagram to let his feelings be known.  Now, he’s claiming he was never faithful to Dutchess in the first place. Sounds like a case of hurt male pride.


Does this mean Dutchess will spend more time in her own shop, Pretty-N-Ink, located in Charlotte?


So, do you think Dutchess made the right choice by dumping Ceaser? How long will the new romance last?


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