‘Ladies of London’ Recap: Caroline Stanbury Says Goodbye To London In Season 3 Finale!

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Welcome to the Ladies of London season finale. Caroline S is still at her hotel, bossing around one of two butlers, demanding that her initials be put on her pillows and towels, even though she’ll be leaving for Dubai soon. Caroline then calls her assistant in the midst of a hair-tastrophe and needs more of it ordered. This is probably the real reason for the strife with Sophie – the dreaded hair loyalty. Caroline is also having a goodbye/FU party for the women she barely tolerates on her show.

It’s official! Matt and Marissa are moving to California. Now that Marissa is out of her fog and baby Sadie is fine, she has agreed to put Matt and his mid-life crisis first. He is ready for blue skies and really glad Marissa has decided to join him because he was going no matter what.

Next up, Adela stops by Sophie’s house to let her know how upset she is with her because of Sophie’s gossiping. Adela tells Sophie nobody can trust her. Sophie explains that because they are in each other’s lives, she gets dragged into things and feelings get hurt. When Adela tries again to tell her what a disappointment she it, Sophie says she doesn’t give a shit now that she and Caroline S have each other’s backs again and could care less about this slap in the face from Adela.

Over at Caroline F’s house, she is in the kitchen cooking when her editor, Fritha, stops by to tell her they will be making an offer for her Danish cook book. The next step is meeting with the publisher and designer and planning the final recipe list. Caroline F is so excited because she can now financially secure her future and possibly help her family’s estate – possibly.

Sophie’s ex, Alex, stops by to take the boys to the zoo. She wants him to start eating dinner at their house once a week to give the boys some structure in their lives. Alex mentions that the boys can stay at his new place, too, to which Sophie says no, though she doesn’t know why. My guess is because other women might be there. They agree to finally tell the boys about the divorce tomorrow. Sophie is dreading the conversation but ready to find herself again.

Julie is hanging out with her daughter Emma, helping her pack. Emma is going on a trip to Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague and when she returns, will then leave for university. Julie is struggling with her daughter’s departure. And just when you think Julie isn’t going to cry, Sugar Tits, as her daughter lovingly calls her, cries. But who can blame her? This is something worth crying over. Not Caroline S being mean or Caroline F doing a better headstand. Mother and daughter say goodbye as Julie vows to be more stoic like her daughter.

Across town, Juliet is releasing three balloons – a 1 and two 0’s – to celebrate having 100,000 Instagram followers. She has a photographer on hand to document the event all while wearing see-thru maroon polka dot dress. Her husband Gregor asks if she’s forgotten her knickers. Julie releases the three balloons and they get stuck in the tree. Wah-waaah.

Up next, Sophie and Julie are drinking pimms at a park. Sophie tells Julie that Adela has told her she’s untrustworthy. Julie explains that at lunch yesterday, Adela also shared that Sophie told her that Caroline S had said she chose money over her children. Sophie denies repeating this to Adela. Julie calls Adela to get to the bottom of this. On the phone, Adela confirms Sophie did say it while Sophie tries to deny it again. Sophie explains she only told Adela that Caroline S had said something horrible about her, but wouldn’t repeat it. Adela says that’s true, but then later Sophie repeated the horrible thing Caroline S said. Sophie is pissed. She takes the phone and tells Adela she will no longer protect her and only deal with her own issues. Yay!

At the hotel, Luke applies Caroline’s makeup for the last time – unless she flies him out to Dubai by private jet. This almost makes Caroline cry. Almost. Sophie shows up at her hotel room with her fabulous hair in curlers and tells Caroline they told the boys about the divorce. When Sophie shares that the boys said, “Why does daddy have to go, Mummy, why does he have to go?” the ice queen finally cries.

Adela and Lady Julie are getting ready together, and after choosing the perfect dress for Adela, Julie informs her that Sophie is very fragile right now after telling the boys about the divorce. Adela says she’s fragile, too. But the thing is, at this moment, Sophie is fragile-er. Adela says she wants an apology for how Sophie spoke to her on the phone the other day.

It’s party time! The ladies are getting dressed up, except for Juliet, who once again is dressed ridiculously. Weird that she’s the fashion blogger. Juliet is very sad that Caroline is leaving after taking her under her wing and making her somewhat tolerable. However, Caroline S thinks that Lady Julie, given the chance, would skin her and wear her like an Alexander McQueen gown. Most likely Julie will just hire Luke as her new makeup artist and bff.

But there’s bad energy at the party because of Adela and Sophie. The two have a talk to clear the stuffy air. Sophie tells Adela she feels slightly burned by her and Adela says the feeling is mutual, but instead of slightly burned it’s badly burned. Sophie apologies for taking her troubles out on Adela and Adela accepts her apology. They hug it out like two Americans. Caroline S interrupts so they can all go eat.

The dining room is lit up like a Catholic church, throne chair included. Juliet tells Julie they will be performing an exorcism on her, however, we all know the exorcism should be performed on Juliet. Caroline S welcomes everyone and tells them they are the only people she wanted to say goodbye to. Juliet gets teary telling Caroline S that she will be fine in Dubai.

As Sophie tries to explain how much she’s learned this season about when and when not to repeat something and how impossible this task is, Juliet interrupts to declare that she is the only one who understands loyalty – no one else, except perhaps Caroline S. Everyone at the table rolls their eyes at the “poisonous dwarf in polyester.” Even with Caroline’s tutelage about when to STFU, Juliet still has not mastered this. Juliet then tells Julie the reason she’s choking is from her own bullshit.

They women argue over friendship versus loyalty. Caroline S thinks that once again with Juliet it’s the wrong place, wrong time. Caroline shuts down the arguing and tells the ladies she loves them all. Marissa also tells the group they will be leaving, too, but no one cares. Here are the updates:

  • Sophie and the boys are moving to a new home and are hoping for a year full of laughter.
  • Caroline F’s cookbook will be coming out and she plans to give Martha Stewart a run for her money.
  • Juliet says she likes who she’s become even if no one else does.
  • Marissa is still sinking her teeth into Mapperton, but there’s now a You Tube channel, and profits from the gift shop are going up.
  • Caroline S is now settled in her all white mansion in Dubai – but warns you never know when the bitch will be back.

That’s it for the Ladies of London Season 3. Did you enjoy this season? Do you think the ladies should return for Season 4? Will Andy Cohen ever allow the ladies to have a reunion? Tell us what you think.


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