Scheana Shay Defends Stassi & Talks ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Drama; Marissa Hermer Dishes On ‘Ladies of London’ Regrets

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Vanderpump Rules star, Scheana Shay, and Marissa Hermer, one of the Americans from Ladies of London, joined Andy Cohen in the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse.

Marissa is now living in LA. She’s going to SUR next week, so Scheana suggested the goat cheese balls. Natch.

Tonight on VPR, James Kennedy continued to deny that he cheated on his girlfriend. Even though his hookup had a picture of him sleeping in bed. The flash poll agreed that James was a cheater with a massive 98%.

Also on VPR, Stassi Schroeder and Ariana Madix came to a detente. The two women actively dislike one another, but the viewers took Ariana’s side with 79%.

On tomorrow night’s finale of Ladies of London, Julie Montague tries to hold Sophie Stanbury’s feet to the fire. Sophie denies telling Adela what horrible things Caroline Stanbury had said about her. But Adela confirms it with one phone call.

Marissa said:

“I’m on Sophie’s side. I was at Sophie’s wedding. She’s an old, dear friend. I think she was caught…I know she was caught in the middle. You know, she was divorcing or separating from her husband and she wanted to hold onto her family, so she was trying to hold onto Caroline Stanbury, as well. But not doing a great job.”

Katie Maloney has turned into a bridezilla. She’s finding fault with anyone who doesn’t agree with her. That includes Scheana and of course, the groom, Tom Schwartz. Tonight, Katie left him at the restaurant when she thought Ariana was ruining her entire wedding, leaving Schwartz to finish dinner by himself.

Marissa went through a tough year. Not only was she in jeopardy of losing her baby, she received a hysterectomy right after her C-section. But Sadie is now a thriving 10-month-old infant. Marissa and her family have moved to the Palisades. She and husband, Matt, are hoping to open a club in West Hollywood. She’s still in touch with all the Ladies of London—save Juliet Angus and Caroline Stanbury. No big shock there.

In a preview of next week’s VPR, Katie tries to blame all her problems with Schwartz on their friends. Tom Sandoval isn’t having it. He thinks his BFF and Katie should have pre-marriage counseling. I don’t think he’s wrong, but considering he broaches the subject at her bachelor/bachelorette party, his timing could be better.

Marissa denied she helped spread the rumor that Caroline S. was moving to Dubai to flee from her financial problems due to the closing of her business.

“I had heard this rumor quite a lot before. Caroline Fleming was repeating it to me…I was starting to say, ‘Was it true?’…and we’ve all heard rumors about us. What she’s doing is best for her family.”

A viewer wondered if SUR manager, Peter, was Scheana’s secret man from her Snapchats. She denied the rumor, but she is dating someone exclusively.

A fan thought Julie Montagu cried too much. Marissa said:

“If she cries too much than I do, too. I cry a lot.”

When a caller asked why Scheana continues to be friends with the manipulative Stassi, she defended her pal.

“You guys see a portion of who Stassi really is. There’s a lot more to her that you don’t see. She’s someone I enjoy being around…you just don’t see all the good that I do in being friends with her.”

Even though Katie, Stassi, and Kristen Doute have been targeting Scheana all season, Scheana backed Kristen.

Kristen gets lumped in with them…she’s been right there for me. And I love Katie, I really do. They’re good friends. You don’t see everything. You just see a lot of the negative.”

Scheana and her husband, Mike, aren’t in contact.

“I don’t have the [divorce] certificate yet, but mentally, emotionally, physically…in every single way I am [divorced].”

She claimed that she burned the wedding photos. Who’s buying that? Scheana had life sized pictures of herself all over that apartment. Could she really bare to toss herself on a bonfire? I think not!

A caller wondered if Marissa would join the cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“I hear this question once a day. I love the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. We go back to London in the summers. So…you never know.”

Asked if she had any marriage advice for Katie and Tom, Scheana said:

“Communication always. That’s important. And don’t drink a lot.”

A caller asked why Scheana slammed James’ music career when her singing career flopped.

“I don’t think I was ever trying to have a music career. It was kind of more of a hobby for me, so I’ll give him this one.”

Last season, it seemed Scheana threw her old pal, Ariana, over for the mean girl clique. Does she have any regrets?

“I didn’t ditch her. We were just going through a little rough patch, as friends do.”

This season on Ladies of London, Julie accused Caroline S. of having title envy. Marissa laughed at the suggestion. She said the friendship between Julie and Caroline was over, and personally she preferred Mapperton to the castle Caroline rented.

Earlier in the season when Adela shared a poignant moment, admitting she tried to commit suicide, Juliet called her selfish. Marissa weighed in.

“I was not shocked when Juliet said that. I was horrified, but not shocked.”

So, do you think Scheana should dump the mean girls? And would Marissa make a good addition to RHOBH?


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