Kim Zolciak-Biermann Flips Out On Lady Over Her Unruly Children On Beach Vacation!

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Don’t Be Tardy’s, Kim Zolciak-Biermann, is great at a lot of things — plumping her lips, taking selfies, popping out kids. But I’m not sure I’d take her advice on parenting.

On a recent vacay to the Turks and Caicos, Kim and four of her six children (the twins were left at home) had a run-in on the beach.

Kim’s sons, KJ and Kash, ages 4 and 5, were loud and rowdy. When a woman asked Kim to tone it down, the reality star lashed out and then went on to make a Snapchat video of her response.

“This lady on the beach came up to me and said: ‘Could you keep you and your kids quiet? It’s a very quiet peaceful beach.’ B***h, what? They’re 4 and 5.”

Rather than tell her boys to be respectful of others, Kim berated the woman. Because that’s what good parents do?

“We’ve been nothing but respectful. I told her: ‘Well, why are you always sitting next to me? Move your f***ing chair to the other end of the beach!’”

Yep, that sounds respectful all right. And call me crazy, I don’t remember parenting books recommending that you teach your preschoolers how to swear at adults.

When Kim angrily said she’d leave, the woman maintained that she wasn’t asking Kim to leave, just get a handle on her kids’ screaming.

“I said: ‘That’s ok, b***h, because we’re leaving.’ She’s like: ‘I’m not asking you to leave.’ I honestly told her: ‘You might want to f*cking loosen up, lady. This is a beach that a lot of people pay a lot of money to stay here and enjoy the beach and if you don’t like it, f*cking go somewhere else. It’s life.’”

Yeah, that’s teaching your kids to behave!

Kim went on to say how hurt little KJ’s feelings were. How dare that woman accuse him of being too loud? Excuse me while I wipe away tears for KJ’s wittle feelings. *sniff*

“So KJ’s trying to be really quiet and respectful, but his feelings are hurt, which makes me really mad.”

Kim’s daughter, Brielle, got into the act by yelling, “F*ck her.” Now that is classy, kids.

So, should Kim have asked her boys to keep the volume down or did she handle the situation correctly?


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