‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Recap: Who’s Headed to the Season Finale?

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Episodes 11 & 12

The Recap

Welcome back to the semi-finals! Last week on The New Celebrity Apprentice, sent to the choppa first was former NFL player Ricky Williams for his disappointing Clipper Nation representation. On the second task, not only was former WNBA player Lisa Leslie sent packing, so was reality star, Carson Kressley, who tried his very best to sell workout equipment. Here are the final four:

Team Prima: Boy George and Brooke Burke-Charvet

Team Arête: Matt Iseman and Laila Ali

Episode 11

The Task

The client is The Honest Company created by Jessica Alba. She promotes safe, stylish, and affordable products. The task is to choose three products and convince potential customers that the products are right for them during an in-home demonstration. The criteria the teams will be judged on is creativity, alignment with their brand principles and overall execution. The winning project manager will receive $50K for their charity.

The Project Manager and Strategy

Team PrimaBoy George is ready for the risk of being project manager. He knows if he doesn’t step it up he will be on the next choppa out of there. Although he can write a great jingle, he’s concerned it’s his typical go-to. Boy George is a Buddhist and wants to create a spiritual theme song reflective of that. Brooke isn’t so sure about that, but since Boy George has been on 7 winning tasks, he’s either very smart or very lucky or very both. Their three products are chosen by Brooke because Boy George couldn’t care less. They checkout the single-family home they’ve been provided to demonstrate their chosen products. Boy George is just singing away while Brooke is focusing on details. Patrick stops by to check in on the duo and Boy George tells him Brooke is bossy and Brooke tells Patrick that Boy George is disorganized. Brooke misses Matt and texts him to tell him that she can’t deal.

Team Arête Laila Ali says she’s already living the honest life, so she’s a natural fit. Plus she thinks she’s the strongest out of the remaining four. Laila choses the three products she likes: the organic healing balm, the multi surface cleaner and the dish soap. She’s thinking demo, demo, demo. Matt is thinking just survive this last task and make it to the finals. Matt has never been called into the boardroom so far, so you bet Laila is thinking about this as she assigns his tasks. They arrive at their single-family home to stage their products. Matt says so far he hasn’t seen Laila with any creative bursts, and when he starts pitching ideas, she doesn’t like them. Laila keeps clinging to the fact that she won her one and only time as project manager, but keep in mind, Matt has won two. Back at the office, Laila is working on the graphics when Jessica stops. Laila has trouble conveying their concept to Jessica so Jessica recommends that Laila make a personal connection with the people and her products. Matt returns from shopping and is told to write both scripts. He’s not happy because he thinks Laila is too focused on the graphics and not on what they will say to the focus group. Then Matt moves on to dirty up the items he purchased at the store.

The Presentation

Team Prima hasn’t really rehearsed just yet, so they will wing it. Everyone arrives as a guitarist is playing the new theme song. It’s very Zen. Boy George explains beautifully about how much he believes in the law of cause and effect, and how he treats people, and how he treats the planet. Then they clean a mirror but it takes a while. Next up, the stain remover product. Brooke pours ketchup, grape juice, and coffee on a white towel. She follows the directions and the stains come out. Hooray! Jessica looked like she was sweating it too. They hand out gift bags for the focus group and call it a day.

Team Arête is ready to go next. There is no background music and the feel is more like an infomercial. Laila is keeping it serious and Matt is adding humor, but it’s hard tell how Jessica and Patrick feel about that. They talk about the hand balm and Matt mentions how his girlfriend will break out in a rash at the drop of a hat…but not with this stuff…and when did Matt get a girlfriend? Laila mentions that The Honest Company gives back to organizations that are making a change and customers can feel good about that. They hand out gift bags as well.

The Boardroom Feedback

The Governor welcomes the teams and announces there are two beautiful women left, a gay man, and another man who can’t get a date. He asks Boy George how they did and he says it’s different working with just two people. He mentions again that Brooke was bossy and she mentions again that Boy George is disorganized, however, everything came together well. Jessica admits that their presentation seemed to have come together in the last moment. Next, Arnold asks Laila her thoughts about the task. She said this was perfect for her. Matt says Laila was perfect as the project manager because she actually uses the products. Matt says that he and Laila chose authenticity over creativity.

The results for Team Arête: Laila and Matt had a concise presentation, hit all of the products values, and provided a strong tangible takeaway. The negatives were that it lacked creativity and came off as an infomercial because it was tactical.

The results for Team Prima: Jessica really liked the song even though it was risky. She liked the fantasy world they created and felt the show-and-tell of the white towel paid off. The negatives were there wasn’t more tangible information about what makes The Honest Company different from all the others.

The Winners and the Losers

Team Prima is the winner! Boy George just won $50,000 for his charity Safe Kids Worldwide about educating parents and keeping kids safe. Brooke and Boy George are free to leave the board room and wait for the results. Laila and Matt are told to stay put and one of them will be terminated.

The Firing

Laila says from what she understands, they didn’t win because of their lack of creativity and authenticity. Laila says that she is very authentic, but Matt can be too host-ey. Arnold asks if Matt feels responsible for their loss and he explains that he tried to be more creative, but Laila wasn’t having any of it. Matt doesn’t think he should be fired because the overall vision was Laila’s. Matt tells The Governor this is his first stumble. Laila says that she is stronger and Matt should go. Arnold points out that Matt has won both times as project manager. Laila begins explaining that the women were all losers, but she got them their first win, so she wants bonus points for that. Matt points out that this is his first time to be brought back to the boardroom, so he should get bonus points for that. Arnold tells Laila how much he admires her and she is a champion, but she is terminated, so get to the choppa!

And then there were three – but the phone rings. The trio is called back to the boardroom to meet with Mr. Schwarzenegger. He is going to fire one more person. They must each fight for their spot to be in the final two.

Brooke Burke-Charvet

She came into this competition to believe in herself and step out of her comfort zone and tirelessly fight to raise money for her charity. Her confidence has carried her all this way and that’s why she deserves to stay. She is detailed oriented and organized, resourceful and passionate.

Matt Iseman

He came here to fight, win and prove something. He was the least famous person and made it his business to work hard and do whatever it takes. He has demonstrated with his record that he is there to win. Matt feels he has the creativity needed for the last task including fundraising.

Boy George

He has overcome so many obstacles in his life and speaks for people who are different. He’s loved challenging himself and stepping out of his comfort zone and has learned he’s a team player and quite cunning when needed. He can compete, take risks and has no fear of raising more money.

The Firing

After a lengthy story about Arnold losing his first competition when he came to America, he wants them all to know that just because one of them is about to lose, they are not losers. But, of course, yes they are. He decides Brooke you are terminated, go to the choppa!

Episode 12

The Task

The finalists are Boy George and Matt Iseman who meet for Judgment Day. The winner will receive $250,000 for their charity. The client is Carnival Cruise Lines. The task is to share the vacation value of cruising. They will produce an ad campaign, host a party, and create a 15 minute variety show. Tyra Banks is back as boardroom advisor and explains their ad must include all four luxury lines of Carnival, but the variety show will only need to highlight two. They will be judged on the following criteria: overall brand integration, creativity, guest experience, and most money raised from ticket sales. Arnold has called back some of the fired celebrities to help and they are waiting in the war room.

The Project Manager

Team Matt – is joined by Carnie Wilson, Carrie Keagan and Kyle Richards. He hasn’t worked with any of these women. The CEO of Carnival, Arnold Donald, stops by to help educate them on cruising. He explains the differences between the four cruise lines and tells them they must dispel certain myths people have about cruising.

Team Boy George – is joined by Porsha Williams, Laila Ali, and Carson Kressley. They talk about integrating his charity with this task. The CEO Arnold Donald joins them and is impressed that Carson has been on so many cruises. And everyone in the war room is impressed with Arnold Donald. He advises they need to emote what cruising is to those who have never cruised and dispel myths people have of cruising.

The Plans

Team Boy George Carson recommends turning around the misnomer of having nothing to do on a cruise and reclaiming it a positive thing of being so busy. Boy George is happy to have Carson on his team because he knows Carson will do most of the heavy lifting. They go on the ship to take pics while Boy George calls celebrity friends to be in the variety show. Porsha and Carson get a couples massage to show there’s something to do on a cruise ship – get a massage with your gay mate! Boy George is struggling to find a celebrity. Porsha and Laila are taking forever to get ready for the pool shot and they are losing the light. Boy George is channeling Brooke and getting bossy. It’s good to see Boy George get like this – it means he cares about his charity. Celebrity chef Curtis Stone is on hand to bring out the food and take a photos. Natasha Bedingfield is available for their variety show thanks to Carson. If Boy George wins, he has Carson to thank.

Team Matt – They want an overreaching theme – whatever that is – and hopefully this will come to them later. The group decides to go out and take photos and hopefully a theme will come to them. Carrie is getting a massage. Kyle is poolside. Matt is in the pool. The shots aren’t creative, but necessary. Carnie overhears something Boy George says about tan lines yes, buffet lines no, and reports back to Matt how creative they are being. Kyle is giving it her all like she didn’t do for herself. Matt brings his group to the casino where Kyle asks if they are being creativity enough. Matt explains the creativity will be in the copy while the photos are more straightforward. Then Matt has an epiphany about the tag line: One destination that takes you everywhere. They start talking about renting a kangaroo and penguin for the party. Kyle was only able to rent a goat for $100 and this cracks them up, but Matt loves the energy.

The Presentation

Team Matt – Carrie will finish the ad since she’s good at graphic design. Kyle will be in charge of the party since she’s thrown a lot of parties. Carnie is in charge of food since she likes food and the entertainment with Wilson Phillips. Matt is trying to work on fundraising, but he’s not happy with some of the photos.

Team Boy George – Porsha will take the lead on furniture design and Laila will take the lead on food and beverage for the party. Boy George will concentrate on writing a song while Carson works on the graphics for the ad campaign. The key board player shows up to work with Boy George, but they aren’t working well together because the pianist wants to interject his opinions on what key to use. Boy George goes to the producer, behind closed doors, and tells them to fire him or he’ll quit the show. Boy George isn’t anybody’s bitch.

Tune in next week for the showdown between underdog Matt Iseman and pop icon Boy George for the finale. Tell us who you think has the better team? Who has the better chance? And who you think will win?


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