‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Busted In Skewed Pregnancy Timeline

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Jenelle Evans is a proud mother of three — the Teen Mom 2 star delivering her third child in January. Baby Ensley came along at the perfect time — because her arrival likely distracted viewers from one bizarre pregnancy timeline. Jenelle thinks that she got away with another whopper — but not so fast. Consider the facts leading up to Baby #3.

  • Jenelle is captured by MTV talking about an obvious pregnancy with her boyfriend, David Eason.
  • Jenelle denies the pregnancy to a producer and crew, the couple smiling and exchanging glances throughout the odd scene. 
  • After the episode airs and one day before she delivers, Jenelle offers a bizarre timeline explanation on Twitter — assuring viewers that she was not lying to the MTV crew. She implies that she miscarried sometime between the April Flip Cam footage, and the filmed exchange with production. We are asked to believe that Jenelle got pregnant after her denial.

  • Jenelle gives an interview to a media outlet, claiming that she miscarried her first child with David Eason.
  • During the very next episode, an accident report outs Jenelle’s pregnancy. She tells the puzzled crew that she was concealing her condition until she was past her first trimester, and had learned the baby’s gender. She admits on camera that she is almost 14 weeks pregnant. There is no mention of a miscarriage.

According to the accident report below, Evans was a passenger in the vehicle when her boyfriend, David Eason, rear ended another vehicle, on July 6. The report states that Jenelle Evans claimed that she was at least 10 weeks pregnant, and was suffering from abdominal pain. The Teen Mom 2 star was transported from the scene to a Cape Fear Memorial hospital. Confidential parts of the report have been redacted.

Police report from Dave Eason car crash -watermarked 5

Police report from Dave Eason car crash -watermarked 2

Police report from Dave Eason car crash -watermarked 4

  • The crew asks why Jenelle had previously denied the pregnancy, and she offers no clarification — just a desire for first trimester privacy. Is Jenelle asking viewers to believe that there was a minimal 14 week gap, between the filming of scene one and scene two with MTV production?
  • According to Jenelle, the alleged miscarriage occurred in April. The accident report is dated July 6th. According to her delivery date, conception would have occurred in mid-April. The accident report also  states that the passenger in the car was at least 10 weeks pregnant — again pointing to an April conception.

Most viewers know that Jenelle creates her own truth, frequently twisting and turning facts, to improve her look. It’s Jenelle’s normal — but with a custody case looming against her mother, Barbara Evans, will the court take note of Jenelle’s habitual lies?

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays nights, at 9:00 p.m. ET on MTV.


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