‘RHOBH’ Lisa Rinna Denies Knowing Eden Sassoon & Their Friendship!

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Lisa Rinna is hustling like a pro — running like the wind from any association with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills rookie, Eden Sassoon. Eden is being blasted by viewers as an epic Bravo misstep, and Rinna is all but cosigning, backtracking from her initial enchantment with the bizarre Bravo  part-timer.

Eden claimed on ET footage that Lisa Rinna was her “entry point” into the group of ladies. Rinna disagreed.

“I don’t actually bring Eden into the group. It looks like I’m bringing Eden into the group but I actually don’t. I just happen to live very close to where her Pilates studio is so let’s at least be honest shall we?” Rinna said.

Rinna clarified on Twitter that she did not know Eden before she was cast on the show.


Fans called foul on Rinna’s backtrack, and it looks like Bravo wants Rinna back in the hot seat. Rinna has already been seen whispering to Eden about Kim’s addiction issues and Kyle’s involvement, setting up a storyline that will likely only gain steam.


Lisa Vanderpump pointed to such in her blog, writing that Rinna might be the latest “little tiny bird” chirping to stir the pot.

“…it is my conclusion that a little tiny bird might be fluttering around Miss Sassoon’s ear, tweeting an opinion that is a result of a grudge that has festered over the last couple of years. We will see, and just as the black curtain was pulled back, we will also see a greater reveal soon. Keep watching…”

In a preview clip for this week’s episode, we see an exchange between Lisa and Kyle, where Lisa spills what Eden told her at the Great Gatsby party.

Rinna said that she doesn’t believe that your sister is truly sober, and that she is near death…and that is what she is telling Eden,” Lisa says.

Lisa Rinna is creating her story from that, knowing fu*king nothing, and then giving that to her?” Kyle responds. “Lisa Rinna needs to sew her fu*king lips shut.”

Kyle also notes that she now understands Eden’s obsession with her sister. Lisa Rinna stated on a recent Watch What Happens Live appearance that an unaired scene would prove that she tried to shut down Eden’s ongoing banter about Kim — but she refused to listen.

“What you didn’t see is I had a scene with Eden, and I told her that I no longer thought it was a good idea to talk about Kim Richards, and we were done,” Rinna says, adding “…but she continues.”

Rinna is doing a backwards hustle, but it might be too late to squirm out from under Eden’s unquenchable thirst for a storyline. Who do you think will make it out alive?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesday nights, on Bravo.


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