‘RHOBH’ Kyle Richards Doesn’t Feel The Need To ‘Share the Truth’ With Eden Sassoon!

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Can’t a bitch just have a rib and relax?

That must have been what Kyle Richards was thinking on the most recent episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. There she was at Lisa Rinna’s BBQ, sipping her drink and waiting for Harry Hamlin to finish cooking his meat when once again, Eden Sassoon dove in to talk about Kyle’s sister, Kim, and her sobriety.

Kyle talks about Eden’s obsession in her blog this week.

“On to Rinna ‘s BBQ…Eden and Dorit start having a conversation that quickly turned to my sister, Kim, again.”

Bravo showed unseen, sepia-toned footage of Eden and Dorit Kemsley having lunch where Eden lists all the ways she dislikes Kim. Kyle talks about how Eden is weirdly focused on Kim all the time.

“In the flashback they show Eden telling Dorit that Kim is not nice and doesn’t care about anyone but herself. She is so hyper focused on Kim it’s ridiculous.”

It is ridiculous. And possibly a little disturbing.

When Eden then approaches Kyle at the BBQ, she starts talking about her favorite subject: Kim!

“I knew this was coming. This seems to be the theme every time I see her. I wish Eden would give me a chance to get to know her before diving in with all of this.”

Kyle tries to tell Eden that Kim is off limits. She doesn’t want talk about her sister any longer. Kyle and Eden hug it out, but Eden’s hugs are, well…

“I could have made a sandwich AND EATEN it in the time it takes to get a hug from Eden.”

On the way to the Great Gatsby party, Kyle and Mauricio have their limo swing by and pick up the Kemsleys. On the way to the estate, with the stunning ocean view, Dorit told Kyle that Eden had labeled her an enabler. Kyle hates that word.

“I know Lisa Rinna said that before, so is that why Eden said that? Nobody who has uttered the word “enabler ” has ever witnessed any enabling. I resent having to defend myself against something so far from the truth.”

Later at the party, Kim shows up, wearing her clunky shoes. She and Kyle sit at a table gabbing, like sisters do, when Eden steps up to them once again.

“I was starting to relax and enjoy myself when Eden approached Kim and me. I took a deep breath and braced myself.”

Eden explains that she sees herself and her deceased sister, Catya, in Kim and Kyle. She just wants to help. At this point, Kyle can sympathize with Eden.

“I cut Eden some slack, because I can’t imagine what she went through losing her sister. I know she will always carry that with her. In projecting her feelings, she keeps digging up things from Kim‘s past.”

The sisters tell Eden to shut it. They’re fine, and Kim doesn’t need help.

So, do you think the message got through this time? Or will Eden come to Kim, offering more advice on sobriety?


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