‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Kristen Doute Hints James Kennedy Hit Her And Talks Harsh Karma!

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On the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules, Kristen Doute, who doesn’t even work at SUR, is still causing trouble. This time, she and her gang of haters went to see her ex, James Kennedy, DJ at a new bar.

Of course the fact that two of his former hookups were going to confront him and his girlfriend had something to do with Kristen’s desire to see James again. She was just there to watch the shit show.

Jax Taylor tweeted that James hits girls, and Jax wouldn’t allow his girlfriend, Brittany, be in the same club with James without being on hand to protect her. Yeah, okay.

Now Kristen is onboard with this new abuse allegation. She claims that her friend, GG, went to confront James about his abusive behavior toward Kristen. But we’ve all seen Kristen slap James at Scheana Shay’s wedding—and she and James broke up a year ago. If James were abusive, surely she would have said something before now? Still, Kristen tweeted:

“Cat’s out of the bag. Why do you think Carter & I went to the club? GG wanted to speak about abusive behavior that I have gone through.”

Actually, GG went to talk to James’ girlfriend about the fact that she slept with James. And to prove her point, she brought his alleged T-shirt with her. James threw the shirt back in GG’s face.

Fans questioned the validity of Kristen’s story. One called her out on her own abusive behavior, tweeting, “Also, do you consider the behavior you’ve displayed with both your exes on the show as abusive?” And another fan wondered if Kristen had filed a police report. “James abused you and GG? That’s very serious-did you go to the police?”

Kristen never answered that question.

James’ mom is no fan of Kristen’s. When Mama Kennedy had lunch with James, she stated that karma would catch up with Kristen and leave her childless. Fans were outraged on Kristen’s behalf. One fan tweeted, “That moment was honestly shocking. A woman of her age attacking you was disgusting. Now we know where @itsjameskennedy gets it from.”

Kristen said she actually felt sorry for James.

But then she was back to blaming James, saying he learned his behavior from his mother.

Kristen went on to say she couldn’t wait to be a mom.

So, do you think Kristen is telling the truth about James’ abuse? And do you think she’ll make a good mom one day?


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