Caroline Stanbury, Sophie Stanbury And Adela King Repairing Friendship

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On the mend! The Ladies of London stars, Caroline Stanbury, Sophie Stanbury, and Adela King are working on their friendships and partying it up once again.

Currently on the show, Caroline and Adela aren’t on good terms and the only reason Sophie and Caroline are speaking is because Sophie signed a friend contract in her own blood.

However things have changed since Sophie’s visit a few months ago on Watch What Happens Live when she shared with Andy Cohen that her relationship with sister-in-law Caroline was still “broken.” However, over the weekend, the LOL’s attended a 70’s disco party to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Check out Sophie’s Instagram picture.


Caroline also posted the same photo on her Instagram page.


After Sophie posted the photo, a fan gave a shout out asking if the drama was faked for ratings. Sophie said, “I wish!”

Another fan asked Adela if Caroline was edited to look “imperial.” Adela dodged the question and only responded that they are “in a better place now.”

So will there be a Season 3 reunion? There are still so many unanswered questions, but there wasn’t a Season 1 or 2 reunion. According to Caroline, there was “logistical challenges” for the first two seasons, but this year we will get to see the Ladies of London wrap up the loose ends.


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