‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Lala Kent Finally Dishes On Her Boyfriend!

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Lala Kent quit Vanderpump Rules mid-season amidst rumors that she was dating a married man. Even her bestie, James Kennedy, has questioned her relationship more than once.

According to James, he had to sign a non-disclosure agreement and keep a lid on talking about Lala’s mysterious boyfriend. Even though James spilled the tea about the NDA, he tweeted a picture of himself with Lala as an apology.

Lala tweeted that she does have people sign NDAs to protect herself.


But Lala denies dating a married man, and she’s tired of all the rumors surrounding her relationship. Lala helped fuel the rumors by telling the VPR cast she was dating an athlete and a producer to toy with them. Now, she’s tapping out, claiming she’s tired of being the subject of their gossip.


Lala does state, for the record, that she never dated a married man or broke up a family.


When Lala claimed the story had been played out, one fan tweeted that Lala shouldn’t have gone on a reality show if she didn’t want her life exposed.


Lala tweeted back that while she had signed up for VPR, her boyfriend didn’t. And she’s keeping his identity a secret.


So, do you think Lala has a point? And what’s with the NDA? That’s just adding fuel to the fire, no?


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