Sheree Whitfield Attacks Kenya Moore On Domestic Abuse Issue: ‘You Should Worry’ About Matt Jordan

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Real Housewives of Atlanta stars, Sheree Whitfield and Kenya Moore, have more to beef about than whose house is better—Chateau Sheree or Moore Manor. These two really don’t like each other, and that came through loud and clear when Sheree accused Kenya of provoking people to the point of violence. And that includes Kenya’s ex-boyfriend, Matt Jordan.

Sheree talked to Bravo about the situation by pointing out that Kenya keeps poking at Porsha Williams, who’s known to lash out and physically attack her castmates.

“Now let’s be clear, I said because she in this whole meeting that she’s afraid of Porsha; she does provoke people. Kenya has provoked a lot of the ladies.”

Sheree says she’s not blaming the victim, but…she totally is. Sheree thinks Kenya should spend less time acting afraid of Porsha and start getting a handle on Matt’s behavior.

“I’m not saying that she provoked Matt, but maybe you should worry about why he’s breaking your windows instead of sitting here claiming that you’re afraid of Porsha… But on the Matt situation…I’m saying, ‘You should find out why, but I do know in this group you have provoked a lot of people.’”

When Sheree told Kenya her opinion of the situation, Kenya clapped back on social media, telling Sheree she should be ashamed of herself. Since Sheree was once a victim of domestic abuse herself, she should have a little more compassion.

But Sheree doesn’t see it that way. She thinks that Kenya lacks empathy by throwing Sheree’s past in her face.

“I’ve been a victim to it and so many other women have, so even when she came to me [and said], ‘Well, you’ve had someone beat you,’… that was so inappropriate…she really has no compassion…that’s nothing that you make fun of or say in a joking manner…”

So, does Sheree have a point or is she simply blaming the victim?


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