‘RHOA’ Kroy Biermann Supports His Former Atlanta Falcons Team In The Super Bowl!

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As you know, the Atlanta Falcons are playing in the Superbowl tonight against the Patriots. But guess who won’t be there? Don’t Be Tardy co-star and ex-Falcon, Kroy Biermann.

After being cut from the team last year, and then cut from the Buffalo Bills, Kroy’s NFL dreams were blocked like a hit from the defensive linemen. And you’d think there would be some sour peaches on his part, but not so. Here’s what Kroy had to say about the Atlanta win. Kroy tweeted, “Congrats 2 the players, coaches, Arthur, and the staff of Flacons!! I know the work u all put n and its much deserved. Keep kicking ass!”

His biggest fan and wife, Kim Zolciak-Biermann, tweeted her compliments to the team. Kim tweeted, “Congrats to the Falcons, Arthur Blanks and his family it couldn’t happen to better people.”

Many fans responded what a class act Kroy was for “cheering for your brothers” even though he won’t be joining them in Houston. Kroy didn’t respond to his followers, but Kim did when they expressed that after eight years on the team, they wished Kroy could be part of this incredible journey.

“Me too but we are so excited for them! They will always be Kroys brothers,” Kim tweeted back.

Tell us what you think. Should Kroy have been part of this year’s team or do they call the NFL “Not For Long” for a reason?


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