Last Resort! ‘RHOC’ Shannon Beador Checks Herself Into Fat Camp As Her Weight Balloons!

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Shannon Beador is using her Real Housewives of Orange County downtime to fight the battle of the bulge.

Shannon revealed on Heather McDonald’s podcast, Juicy Scoop, that she would be spending this week at a “fat farm,” aka Golden Door Resort and Spa, located in Escondido California.

“I was thin, unlike now…and by the way, I will be attending a fat farm, starting Sunday,” Shannon revealed, during the live January 26th podcast taping.

Shannon added that she would be staying for seven days.

“It’s called the Golden Door…I have never ever done something like that before, never gone away by myself,” Shannon said. “I had my pre-interview yesterday, and they go ‘so we have a morning hike starting at 6 am,’ and I go ‘pass on that on a Monday. Maybe on a Wednesday I’d be up for it, but not on a Monday.’”

Golden Door’s opener reads, “It will change you.” “Fitness, outdoor adventure, mindfulness, spa, and farm-to-table” categorize all the lush facility offers. Website testimonials rave over the resort’s vibe.

“The myriad experiences offered allowed me to see how bored I was with my own chatter. I felt a quietness and groundedness that was startling. Golden Door broke through my shell so delicately.”

“Golden Door is a must for those seeking refuge from daily madness. You are taken care of by some of the best trainers, massage therapists and staff the world has to offer. Let your spirit glide!”

Shannon shared a fresh-faced photo from the getaway on her Facebook page.

Shannon has been transparent about her battle with the scale. She has shared her weighty frustration with the Bravo audience, and the show chronicled her efforts to shed what she called “happy fat.” Shannon offered a brief series of Facebook workouts with holistic specialist and trainer, Dr. Tim Ramirez, seeking to encourage followers in the same position. 

Will we see a leaner and less “happy” Shannon Beador in Season 12? Time and Bravo cameras will tell.


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