EXCLUSIVE: ‘Real Housewives of Dallas’ Renewed After Cast Agreed To NO Pay For A Second Season!

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The reality stage is proving to be a rough place in the great state of Texas.

The Real Housewives of Dallas will be returning for a second season, a surprising renewal after the first season ended in a bland gasp for relevance. In a shocking twist, a source has come forward to report a bargain-buster of an explanation. The thirst is real, and Bravo water is pricey for a cast parched for the reality spotlight.

“Bravo agreed to a second season of the Dallas franchise under one condition,” the insider revealed. “The cast had to agree to work for free. Bravo was set to axe the franchise, but finally agreed to film a Season 2 — minus the cast paychecks.”

The in-the-know source went on to explain that a producer allegedly pitched the offer to Bravo as a last-ditch effort, then pulled off selling the cast on the group freebie.

“Bravo will pay for trips and event rentals, and will pay the cast for the reunion episodes,” the snitch dished. “Most of the ladies went for it, banking on a Season 3 pickup.”

The insider spilled that Tiffany Hendra supposedly refused to agree to the terms.

Tiffany said that she wouldn’t work for free — because she’s broke,” the source alleged. 

Tiffany has already revealed that viewers will see her on the second season of RHOD, but pointed to limited appearances.

Will you watch The Real Housewives of Dallas — and the Bravo volunteers bringing the hard-sell drama for free?


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