‘Married To Medicine’ Toya Bush-Harris Splurges On Lobster & Champagne Amid Shocking IRS Debt!

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On this season of Married to Medicine — Toya Bush-Harris revealed that she and her husband, Dr. Eugene Harris owe the IRS $170,000 after falling behind on their taxes. 

On tonight’s all new episode, Toya and Eugene meet with a financial advisor to get a handle on their debt and restructure their budget.

As a result of their financial struggles, Toya‘s husband Dr. Eugene, has been forced to work extra shifts at the hospital in an effort to reduce their debt. They have also cut back on extravagant spending — the biggest being — downsizing the family home from the rented $10k a month mansion to a more modest mansion. 

However, their monthly expenses indicate the family is still overspending on luxuries they can’t afford. Their shocking expenses include a $1,000 monthly grocery bill. Toya clarifies that the $1,000 includes wine,  she says “we buy about 4 or 5 bottles a week.” Eugene sighs.

In an effort to help the situation, Eugene offers to give up his luxury Porsche for an affordable vehicle. But Toya is not so willing, ‘That’s nice of you, honey. I love you for that,” she says and doesn’t offer to trade in her luxury car. 

Watch a clip of the drama above and tune into Married to Medicine Fridays at 8:00pm ET on Bravo. 


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