‘RHOBH’ Eden Sassoon Fails To Understand Why ‘No One Cares’ About Her Opinions On Kim Richards’ Sobriety

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Eden Sassoon is weighing in on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — sharing her jumpy thoughts in her Bravo blog.

Eden begins our loopy pogo stick read by ironically wondering why she is still struggling to be understood. Eden continues to incorporate hashtags into her narrative, her passionate Twitter-love coloring her jabber.

“It’s another week, and I’m still staring… If you guys only knew what I was thinking! However I am STILL trying to get these women to understand me. #NoOneCares”

Eden reveals that she is shifting the blabber-blame to Lisa Rinna, tying the shade to her convo with Dorit.

Dorit learned from this experience that talking behind people’s backs gets them nowhere. I agree. So out of respect I want to come clean about anything I said to Dorit. I would have appreciated my “friend” Rinna supporting me in the conversation I was having with Kyle at her BBQ considering she’s the one who started this. Kyle’s right on one thing… this is bullsh–. #DogSh—.”

Eden boings on over to her exchanges with Kyle Richards, revealing her scattered thoughts on how she sees her relationship with the Richards sisters.

“I’m thankful that Kyle told me she’s not upset that I’m having these feelings and thinks that if Kim and I were stranded on a beach somewhere, we would probably be great friends. As long as the beach has aloe plants, we will be just fine! #TableforTwo”

“The bond between sisters is unbreakable. Seeing Kyle want good sober friends for her sister is pure. In the words of Kyle Richards, we all need a good support system. Now can I have my #EdenHug?”

Lisa Vanderpump did a stellar job of scaring Eden away from her good friend, Kyle — or so Eden says. It appears that Eden is doing her best to cozy up to the queen.

“I can’t even comment on the Kim and Kyle situation anymore. They should ask their friends how this started! I’m just done. But believe me, I hear Vanderpump! I have mad respect for her and point taken! And Vanderpump is a smart woman. She’ll get to the bottom of this!”

Eden nods to next week, pointing to the obvious downward spiral between her and Rinna.

“Scenes from next week: THANK YOU Vanderpump for telling Kyle the truth! “Rinna said she doesn’t believe that your sister is truly sober, and that she is near death!” It’s time these woman wake the f— up!”

Eden blasts Rinna for shading her air-bottle, and for dodging controversy, writing, “Keep running, Rinna. #YouCanRunButYouCantHide.”

“Note to Self: Stop giving to those who can’t receive. And Rinna, if you don’t want that love bottle, #ReturnToSender.”

Will Eden successfully pin the blame on Rinna? Will Eden ever shut up?

Find out, on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — Tuesday nights, on Bravo.


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