‘Vanderpump Rules’ Scheana Marie Shay Planning For Baby Amid Mike Shay Divorce

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After two years of marriage, Vanderpump Rules star, Scheana Shay, is back on the market again. But she’s keeping her eggs fresh, y’all. According to a source close to Scheana:

Scheana is talking about freezing her eggs now that she’s dating.”

Scheana and her husband, Mike, threw a lavish, televised wedding in 2014, but only a year into their marriage, Mike admitted to having a substance abuse problem. Scheana wasn’t exactly supportive, telling everyone that she could never “date” a sober person. An interesting choice of words considering she was married at the time. Anyhoo, after Scheana staged an intervention with her SUR coworkers, Mike promised to give up prescription pills and cut down on the booze.

Earlier this year, Scheana claimed he went missing and she feared for his sobriety. But according to Mike and his family, Scheana knew he was working and he was still on the wagon, thank you very much.

But that was the end for these two. While Scheana is waiting for a judge to make the split official, she’s been thinking about the future. The source said:

“Now that she and Mike split, she has to think about being able to have kids later if she doesn’t find the right guy shortly. She’s heartbroken.”

And though the SUR server has been dating, she recently told The Tomorrow Show podcast that she isn’t seeing anyone special.

So, do you think Scheana is serious about freezing her eggs or is she all talk?


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