‘RHOA’ Porsha Williams Throws Away Ten-Year Friendship With Shamea Morton For Phaedra Parks!

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This season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, friendships have been shaken. But are they broken?

Shamea Morton once more stepped into the role as “friend” of the Housewives. But Porsha Williams, her supposed bestie, hasn’t been much of a pal.

When Phaedra Parks commented that Shamea slept with everyone’s husband, Porsha didn’t utter a peep, let alone have her friend’s back. Word got back to Shamea (through Sheree Whitfield, of course), and she had a few choice words to say about Phaedra — complete with hand and mouth gestures.

Shamea went so far as to post a fan’s video on her Instagram, cosigning the rumor that Phaedra was known around town as the “head doctor.”


So, where does this leave Porsha? Well, since she didn’t bother to show up for Shamea’s engagement party, it seems pretty clear. Furthermore, Porsha hasn’t posted anything about Shamea on her social media in some time.

Shamea thanked her hostess, Kandi Burruss, for the party. Then Shamea threw some shade when she said her closest friends were there to support her. 


When Shamea heard all the smack that Phaedra had been talking, she confronted Porsha, telling her to watch her back with Phaedra. Scheamea gave Porsha a warning.

Phaedra used to talk so much s**t about you. Be careful with your new friend.”

But apparently Porsha didn’t heed it, because she and Phaedra are still tight. When a fan tweeted that the other women were jealous and wanted to break up Frick and Frack, Porsha answered back, “Never that.”

Phaedra agreed when a viewer tweeted that Phaedra and Porsha were her favorites on the show.

Why is Porsha throwing away a ten-year friendship to side with Phaedra? Or do these two deserve each other?


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