She’s Done! Lisa Rinna Wants NO Part Of Eden Sassoon’s Relentless Gossiping About Kim Richards Sobriety

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On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna has had a whole lot to say about Kim Richards and her sobriety. Why she’s so obsessed, I don’t know, but when Rinna spilled everything to Eden Sassoon, she made Kim’s situation sound dire.

Rinna actively sicced Eden Sassoon onto Kim and Kyle. Now, she’s backtracking and trying to claim that she didn’t use Eden as her mouthpiece.

“Might I add that my own big mouth can and will always speak for itself, and I don’t need, want or wish for anyone else to say anything on my behalf. For better or for worse, these lips of mine say what’s on my mind.”

After her initial discussion with Eden, Rinna insists she specifically told the newbie she was done talking about Kim and her addiction. Eden was like a dog with a bone—not Rinna.

“Eden and I clearly have two different realities regarding this situation…. I was hopeful…Eden could bring some insight and peace…but as time goes on, it is becoming quite apparent that her strong approach is making many uncomfortable.”

Even though Rinna told Eden that she wanted to try and talk to Kim one more time (we all heard that, right?) she’s now singing a different tune.

“Like I said in the store with Eden, the third time’s a charm (meaning my three heated encounters with Kim over the years), and I am done.”

Rinna will never ever ever utter another word about Kim. Yeah, right. What else does she have to talk about—rolling pins and Harry’s meat? QVC stretch pants?

“What you are now seeing is me taking my own advice, and I’m moving on. I don’t want to engage on this topic any more, and for my own peace and happiness, this is the right thing to do.”

It’s always been the right thing to do, but that never stopped her before.

Rinna claims she met up Eden and was really clear that she was done talking shit about Kim.

“When I went shopping with Eden, I shared my feelings at that time, right after game night… It was in that moment that I knew I needed to remove myself from the endless cycle…”

And yet right after that little conversation, she set up a lunch between herself, Eden, and Kyle. Rinna watched as Eden grilled Kyle like a kielbasa. That’s removing herself from the situation?

Rinna’s trying to wash her hands of the whole thing instead of “owning it.” Sorry, honey. You can’t rewrite history.

So, do you think Rinna was using Eden by telling her all about Kim?


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