‘Ladies of London’ Recap: Caroline and Adela Face Off After Tensions Boil Over!

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This episode of Ladies of London begins with Caroline S, after she has sent off her husband and kids to Dubai so she can pamper herself for an entire week at a hotel because she tired. As we say in Texas, bless her heart. Sophie and her great hair stops by and has the brilliant idea to order up a couple of masseuses because they so deserve this. The two chat about how close they hope to remain after Caroline S leaves town. Spoiler alert: they don’t.

Up next is Caroline F taking the time to stop and smell the roses while she orders the roses for her Midsummer’s Eve party that will most likely turn into a nightmare because that’s how things go on reality shows. Caroline has the added burden of carrying on her mother’s tradition, which is bringing a bevy of emotions. The last time she celebrated this event Caroline was 10.

Adela stops by the hotel room for a big girl slumber party with Caroline S and Sophie where they tease her for her colorful pj’s. Adela informs the ladies that she has made the difficult decision to withdraw her custody suit from the courts. Her kids are 13 and 16, and in England children over 12 can decide which parent they want to live with. Adela blames the children’s father for filling their heads with negativity about her, but I think we can all agree at 13 and 16 kids aren’t stupid. Meanwhile, they discuss the Midsummer’s party and how Caroline S is dreading dancing around the maypole which naturally leads to Adela demonstrating reverse cowgirl which Caroline S says she would never do. Naturally.

Over at Juliet’s house, she is preparing for her mother’s arrival. Everyone calls her, Babcia (Bob-cha) which is Polish for grandma. Juliet’s parents came to America with nothing and made houses “sparking” clean to earn money. The plan is for Juliet to hang out with Babcia for a day, then ditch her mom and join the ladies for Midsummer’s Eve.

Julie’s daughter Emma is getting ready for Leaver’s Ball which is our prom night and Adela has stopped by to apply her makeup. Emma’s friends stop by to get ready together and they all look beautiful. Of course this makes Julie weepy because she her daughter will leave for college soon. And this makes Adela weepy because she realizes how much she is missing out with her own children.

We are learning so much about Juliet this episode. Both Juliet and her mom left their home countries to find adventures in a new one. Juliet’s parents divorced while she was in college, and now she’s only super close with her mom because her dad makes her feel like she’s never good enough. Ouch.

Caroline F is at the Raven’s Ait Island on the River Thames, getting ready for her Midsummer’s party which is all about celebrating the harvest, love and light, family and friendship. And cleaning up the poo. On a break, she tells two of her friends that her dad is not doing well. It has reached the stage where Caroline wishes her dad would not suffer anymore.

Over at Marissa’s house, she’s getting her hair braided for the party and shares with her husband Matt that she feels like she and Caroline are in a good place now. Matt says he likes Marissa’s hair in braids, but not enough to join her for the Midsummer’s party.

The ladies begin to arrive at the party. First up, make your own ivy head crowns. Sophie doesn’t care for wearing weeds on her head and wonders how her sister-in-law Caroline S will handle this. Next up, make your own twisted bread on a stick. You must hold the bread-dick over the campfire for 20 minutes. They ladies arms are getting tired and want to stop. Typical British.

Caroline S arrives and reluctantly puts on her flower crown. Caroline F toasts everyone before the five rounds of varying fish are served. Caroline F doesn’t cater. She’s prepared everything herself and got up at 5:00am to do so. Skoal! After the ladies push their fish around their plates and pretend to eat it, they dance around the maypole. Of course, Caroline S refuses to dance, claiming she’s Jewish and therefor can’t dance around a cross. However, she says she would dance around a stripper pole if one were provide, but I rather doubt that.

At the dinner table, Julie asks Caroline S out on a date before she leaves for Dubai, but Caroline S says she’s too busy and they are in a desolate space right now and Julie’s not worth spending what time she has left with because she dropped her when Caroline so graciously carried her to the top. Seriously? All she had to say was, Love to, but can’t. The end. But Caroline wouldn’t be Caroline if she didn’t twist the knife.

And she doesn’t stop there. Caroline S shifts her anger and annoyance to Adela for stabbing her with the knife she normally stabs others with. Once again, Caroline S brings up loyalty and how no one displays it but her. Caroline F is trying show off the kilo of caviar but too many of the ladies are distracted by the tacky fight. Did you know that some caviar cost upwards of $10,000 per kilo. Don’t know if that’s what Caroline F is serving, the point is, quit fighting and stick some fish eggs in your mouth Adela and Caroline.

Caroline S explains she wanted to have the best two months possible, but now she has bitterness for Adela for coming on the show and being mean to her. Adela says life doesn’t always work that way, although apparently Caroline’s life does, accept for that one dinner at Mapperton. Adela gets up from the table and leaves. Sophie follows but is sort of mean to Adela. Sophie says Adela is taking a simple conversation and making it huge. Adela says she’s tired of dealing with this for the past three months.

Sophie reports back to her master mentor Caroline S who then gets up to settle this matter with Adela, but Adela has a different plan. She throws Sophie under the bus, telling Caroline S that Sophie told her that she said Adela had chosen money over her kids. The ladies back at the dinner table can hear the two women arguing – or really just Adela – and wisely decide to stay out of it. Adela tells Caroline that she doesn’t agree with Caroline’s choice to leave her kids all the time. Ouch.

Caroline S tells Adela she regrets having brought her on the show around this group of ladies. Adela does a turnabout and says she effed up and apologizes. Then the two act like Americans and hug it out. Adela still leaves, however, because she’s very hurt.

Tune in next week for the season finale and Caroline S’s goodbye party.


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