‘RHOA’ Sheree Whitfield Confirms Kandi Burruss Is Bisexual

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Sheree Whitfield and Dr. Heavenly Kimes of Married to Medicine joined Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. Malcolm Jenkins of the Eagles tended bar.

Sunday night on RHOA, Sheree held “brunch” on a folding table in front of Chateau Sheree. Plastic cups of mimosas and grocery store muffins, anyone?

Kenya tweeted, Sheree is a delusional hater. Constantly talking about my finished home, but she is entertaining on a sidewalk.”

Sheree came back with, “I’d rather entertain on sidewalk than a dusty home.”

As the women rode the bus to the glamping site, Marlo Hampton offered her services to the women regarding fashion and men. Kandi Burruss‘ friend, Hazel, wanted to know why the women would need to ask Marlo anything.

In the flash poll, 87% agreed with Hazel. No advice from Marlo needed!

On Married to Medicine, the conference collaboration between Heavenly and Lisa Nicole Cloud came to an end when Lisa Nicole didn’t show up for a radio interview. Lisa was riding on the buddy pass and got bumped off the plane in St. Louis. Heavenly is still annoyed.

“How can you miss an event on a buddy pass?”

Even Sheree said, “You just have to pay for it.”

Andy gave a shout out to Cynthia Bailey for being a judge in the Philippines at the Miss Universe pageant.

Next, he showed a compilation of shady moments from both Heavenly and Sheree. Heavenly’s focused mostly on slamming Lisa, her marriage, and her desire for another baby.

During Shamea Morton’s engagement party, Sheree brought up those ménage a trois rumors with Kandi and the bride-to-be. But Shamea said Apollo made more than one pass toward her and that Phaedra Parks was BJ queen.

Sheree isn’t sorry she brought up the subject.

“They’re talking about each other behind each other’s back. I’m bringing it out so they can have a discussion about it. They need to talk about it. I feel crazy being in the middle. I feel fake being in the middle.”

In the flash poll 79% of the viewers thought Sheree should have kept her mouth shut.

On a sneak peek of next week’s RHOA, Marlo decides to ask Kandi about her sexuality. Marlo spilled the tea that people (Phaedra and Porsha Williams) have been talking behind Kandi’s back. When Sheree threw out Porsha’s name, she acted innocent.

On fan wondered why Sheree has been such a shit stirrer this season.

“I’m not instigating. I’m not starting any rumors. I’m not talking about these girls. I’m just holding them accountable for their words. Your word is your bond. So, if you can talk about somebody, then you should be able to say it in their face.”

Heavenly was asked why she’s so sensitive when the talk turns to alcohol, but she’s the one that hid her booze in coffee cup.

“Because I’m a professional. And a lot of times the alcohol was a joke. So, for somebody to take it too far, I think that’s a bit much.”

A caller wondered why Lisa Nicole’s husband showed up late to Hawaii after missing several flights and had a mysterious injury. Heavenly said:

“You all want me to be shady. Maybe he was riding a buddy pass. Hell, I don’t know.”

Sheree said she’s moved into her house completely.

“I just let them talk. Bitches haven’t got anything else to do. Sheree spent the last…three holidays in the house.”

Heavenly calls her husband “Daddy” because:

“He’s everything a daddy should be. He prays, protects, and provides for me. But actually, him and my son have the same name. So, I would call both of them and both of them would answer…so it’s kind of stuck.”

Sheree’s book drops next week. It’s called Wives, Fiancée’s and Side Chicks of Atlanta.

In last week’s flash poll, 60% of the audience thought Bob and Sheree shouldn’t reunite. Sheree said:

“It was a lot that we went through. I think that we’re enjoying each other as friends right now. I get that a lot.”

A caller wondered if Heavenly and Lisa Nicole could ever be friends again.

“You know I think if she owns up to her lies, I think we could be friends. I just can’t be a friend of a liar. I won’t have a relationship with someone I can’t trust.”

Porsha denied saying anything about Shamea, Kandi, and Todd. Sheree didn’t agree with her lying.

“That was bad. I think she…really didn’t want to hurt Shamea’s feelings.”

Sheree said that Kandi had dipped a toe in the lady pond.

“Well, she’s admitted to dipping in the lady pond, right? We just didn’t know it was with Shamea. Just kidding!”

Heavenly and Dr. Jackie Walters are starting a radio show together. They’re spending a lot of time with one another lately.

When a caller asked why Sheree went after Kenya Moore, Sheree seemed shocked.

“What show are you watching? She’s always comes after me. I retaliate, but I typically don’t start it.”

One viewer accused Heavenly of being jealous of the other marriages on M2M.

“Why would I be jealous…I have the best one.”

On the game, Rate That Shade, Quad WebbLunceford won the shadiest cast member from both shows.

Sheree and Marlo became friends by bonding over working out.

“We live close to each other…so we’d run into each other and we’d speak. We’re friendly.”

So, who do you think is the shadiest lady in Atlanta?


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