‘Sheree Is A Delusional Hater!’ Kenya Moore Claps Back At ‘RHOA’ Co-star On Twitter

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Don’t you love it when The Real Housewives of Atlanta start reading each other on social media? Me, too!!

This time, Kenya Moore had a few choice things to say about Sheree Whitfield. Sheree has had a lot of opinions this season. She’s taunted Kenya about her home not being finished, and she insisted baseboards were a must — so get with the program, Kenya!

On the latest episode of RHOA, Sheree held her brunch in her front yard. And by brunch, I mean she served plastic cups of mimosa like she was having a lemonade sale. She claimed she didn’t have an occupancy certificate, and that’s why no one was allowed inside. Mmm hmm.

So naturally, Kenya took to Twitter to take aim at Sheree and her tacky brunch/mimosa stand. Especially after one fan accused Kenya of not having air conditioning in Moore Manor.


Kenya clapped back by calling Sheree delusional.

Kenya wasn’t too happy with Cynthia Bailey either. Cynthia decided to play Dr. Love, and met up with Matt Jordan to ask what happened between him and Kenya. Matt blamed all their problems on Kenya, and even Cynthia admitted Kenya was a drama queen.

But Kenya tweeted her love for Cynthia last night, proving there were no hard feelings.

Sheree also accused Kenya of instigating the problems with Matt. Kenya took to Instagram to shame Sheree for blaming the victim.


So, what do you think of Sheree’s brunch? Tacky or practical?


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