Melissa Gorga’s BIG LIE: ENVY Boutique Reopening Did Not Sell Out Inventory [Exclusive]

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Melissa Gorga is spreading the news — declaring the Saturday relaunch of ENVY, her boutique featured on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, a smashing success!

Melissa is claiming that the retail reboot was so successful, her inventory was wiped out — but on the seen spies are telling a different story.

Melissa told a local paper that she “needs to go the city and buy new clothes.” The article reported that Melissa was standing in front of “an empty display that had been cleaned out by shoppers.” Melissa made the statement, during the mid afternoon hours.

The reopening followed a four week shutdown, triggered by Melissa’s former business partner, Jackie Beard Robinson, wiping out the shop’s inventory, and reselling it at another location.

An exclusive source tells, illustrating the real deal via some post-event photos.

We are told that the storefront was covered until the big event. The photos reveal the retail establishment is still stocked with inventory.

It appears that the reality fashionista is skilled at stretching the truth — even outside the Bravo spotlight. What does her future hold, as Melissa works to create a renewed storyline?


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