‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Heavenly and Lisa Nicole Fight Over Conference Plans

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Married to Medicine begins with Quad and Genise, in a sweet deliberation, in preparation for Quad’s upcoming birthday party. A Brazilian Carnival is on tap, and the bash promises to bring Rio to Atlanta. Quad has a sexual experience with a piece of chocolate, before we get a rundown as to why Quad deserves an epic life celebration. Quad explains that her year has been tough and overwhelming, especially because laundry is the worst, and caring about others takes a lot out of a girl. Quad deserves a load of fabulous, so this party is just what the doctor ordered. We check in with Heavenly, who is discussing the conference being planned with Lisa Nicole, with her hubby. Lisa Nicole has dropped the ball on the details, and in a shady twist, has grabbed top billing on the event flyer. In other news, Heavenly lets Damon know that she dropped her blouse to support Jackie, and Damon is less than thrilled.

Over at Toya and Eugene’s, a move is underway. The museum mansion is a thing of the past — but not until we remember all of the good times. Bravo offers a rewind — back to the good ol’ days, before the IRS butted their grubby mitts into the couple’s fake wealth. Toya admits that both houses are nice, while crossing her fingers that her boys don’t notice the pathetic downgrade. The family pulls up to the lovely new house, and the boys love it. The house is spacious, but Toya is worried that 5 bedrooms might not cut it. Toya reminds herself that her boys don’t need “a lot,” and it’s a good thing, because this 4k square foot shack sure fits that description. 

It’s time for lunch, and Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone are meeting up to connect. Jackie fills Simone in on the Hawaii fallout with Curtis, and shares how she problem-solved by scheduling their love. Simone offers an impromptu counseling sesh, nudging Jackie to give up something to save her marriage. Jackie doesn’t want a divorce, and admits that she’s worried about a broken heart. Simone gives her friend a relationship pop-quiz, and Jackie flunks.

The failure continues, because next, disappointment is drizzling down on  Heavenly. She has plans to meet up with Lisa, to fulfill a radio promotion for their upcoming conference, but soon hears that Lisa will be a no-show. Lisa flies like a cheapskate, and couldn’t get a standby flight to make the commitment. Heavenly is peeved, even more so at the general marketing disorganization. The contract is MIA, and the duo squabbles over the phone, as Heavenly huddles under a drippy umbrella. The event is turning into a big disorganized mess, and Heavenly is furious to be left hung out to dry. Lisa cuts her off — but Heavenly takes a deep breath, and knows that she can rock the airwaves alone.

The crew later gathers for a barbecue at Heavenly’s, and are happy for a chance to just chill out with the girls. Heavenly updates the women on Lisa’s horrifying event-planning skills, and Simone is disappointed to hear that the renewed friendship is back in the gutter. Heavenly dishes that she discovered that Lisa copyrighted the conference name before the whole thing started — lying like a discount rug about an equal partnership. Meanwhile, Lisa Nicole is filling in her sketchy husband on the drama — but Dr. Darren appears distracted and giddy by a message on his phone. Lisa babbles out the tale, waving her arms to add dramatic flair, as Darren tries to pretend he cares. Lisa reveals that Heavenly chose to back out of their deal — sticking her with the bill. Lisa thinks that Heavenly is low-down dirty, and back at the barbecue, Heavenly decides to have her own conference — minus the cheap-seat deadweight. The ladies now have to decide which to choose, and Heavenly wastes no time trying to poach Mariah out from under Lisa. We see Heavenly announce the news on Instagram, but Lisa isn’t worried, because she always wins. Lines are drawn — and they all must make a decision on which woman is the most motivating motivator.

It’s time to get down like we’re in Rio, because the big night has arrived. There will be parrots, booze, fire blowers, and a big surprise, to entertain the crowd. We shift over to Mariah’s, where her mother, Lucy, is arriving for a visit. Mariah dishes about the Hawaii trip, and reveals that she knows about Quad’s party, and is ok with being shut out. Lucy encourages her to talk out her issues with Quad, but Mariah knows that such a thing will never happen. Quad thinks that Mariah is dishing behind her back, but Lucy snarks that Quad should be thrilled by any boost to her storyline. Mariah can’t keep up with Quad’s ever-shifting identity, her ricochet from hood to Hollywood a dizzying ride. Mariah appreciates self-aware dummies like Toya, and wishes that Quad would just commit already, and pick a lane. Lucy steals the scene, encouraging her daughter to throw mean shade, via strategic facial movements. An on-point expression is way better than clobbering your enemy with a bag — not to mention, much more amusing. Mariah agrees. 

Back at the party, the colorful birthday celebration is underway. The ladies arrive, some decked out in feathers and glitter — rocking getups that would make the whole country of Brazil cringe. The fire breather proves to be a bust — probably because the ladies are highly flammable. 

Simone takes a moment to scold Curtis for bailing on Hawaii, but he assures her that his heart supports her marriage. A debate ensues, as the group competes for the most vacation-devoted husband. Curtis points out that Jackie ditched him, not vice-versa. Jackie wonders what happened to Curtis’ commitment to non-disclosure, because now the whole Bravo world is drowning in the dirty laundry water of their marriage. Jackie tries to direct Curtis in a rosier direction, but Curtis just isn’t having it. Curtis takes the heat, so as not to pollute Quad’s party, and to shut up Simone.

Quad drops the big surprise, making her grand entrance, strutting and dancing like a wonky, twerking flamingo. Cecil enjoys the show, and is impressed by the strip club vibe. Quad admits that she is a self-taught booty-popper, her mad skills honed since the fourth grade. Heavenly recruits Genise for her conference, and Genise accepts. Jackie also joins Team Heavenly, because Lisa refused to fully support her breast cancer project. In an abrupt shift, Simone pushes Quad to cough up her eggs, and give Dr. G a baby. Quad tosses Simone a solid maybe, but Simone isn’t fooled her phony tear droplets. Baby bumps are quickly forgotten, and Quad shakes her tail feathers one last time — as the episode wraps.

It’s a conference smack-down next week — which woman will motivate their way to the win?


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