‘Married To Medicine’ Quad Webb-Lunceford Reacts To Mariah Huq’s Scandalous Claims About Her Past

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Quad Webb-Lunceford is firing back—after Mariah Huq spilled some salacious tea, during the last episode of Married to Medicine. Mariah revealed that she and her husband, Dr. Aydin Huq, once financially supported Quad. Mariah said that they hooked Quad up with a solid job, and helped her make connections in the Atlanta medical community. Mariah dished that Quad was broke and struggling—and in return for her help, Quad turned on her, even pushing others to do the same.

“With Ms. Quad, she’ll get with these ladies and make it seem like I said all this crap about her but not one time will she utter what Aydin and I and my family have done for her. She won’t talk about when she came here and her license tag number was her address, when we were helping her pay her apartment bill,” Mariah revealed. “She won’t talk about me making a phone call, getting her in medical sales. Honey, Quad was working in a nursing home in Nashville. She had no place to live, and that’s okay because we all have a past.”

“It’s okay to lift a sister up but not okay for me to introduce you to my so-called friends and then try to turn them against me, like that’s crazy to me,” Mariah added. “Girl, do you not realize who you doing this to? The very person whose coattail you’ve been on this entire time. Are you kidding me? It’s a damn fraud, I mean that.”

Lisa Nicole cosigned Mariah—and added that Quad used to date shady, as long as a fat wallet was in the mix.

“What Mariah’s telling me right now does not surprise me one bit. My brother-in-law went to TSU (Tennessee State University) and I’ve heard what Quad’s life was like pre-‘Fabulous Quad.’” Lisa snitched in a confessional. “I’ve heard that she dated the drug dealers, she dated the ballers, she dated the party promoters, people that had the cash. She did what she had to do to pay her bills.”

In another confessional spot, Mariah accused Quad of using her to get ahead.

“When I look back, I see that this was clearly a single Black female type situation. She wanted clout, she wanted friendships in the medical community. She was introduced to those things, and now she feels as if I’m no longer needed,” Mariah said.

Quad fired back, calling Mariah’s reveal “bootleg tomfoolery.”

A fan threw in her two cents—accusing Mariah of never being a real friend to Quad. Quad agreed.

Quad wrote in an extended Twitter post that Mariah’s exposed “true colors”  killed their friendship.

“She [Mariah] will do or say anything even if it’s a lie to put me down; hoping people will think less of me. #smh ? It’s safe to say we will NEVER be friends again. I don’t like her true colors. Bow your head & just pray for her?”

The Married to Medicine cast filmed the reunion last week—and fans will likely see Mariah and Quad face off, in the post-season sit-down.

Married to Medicine airs tonight, at 8 pm, ET, on Bravo.


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